Dnd In A Resume

Dnd In A Resume – It’s fair to say that I was a decent athlete in my teenage years, but I was never the best player on the team. Growing up, I knew there was no way I would ever play sports professionally. However, as a gaming geek, I always thought it might be possible to get a job in the RPG industry, or specifically get the chance to work for Wizards of the Coast.

A few years ago, I got the chance to write some articles for Wizards as a freelancer, and it certainly brought me a little closer to living the dream. Last week I applied for a contract position with Wizards of the Coast as one of three D&D administrators of organized play. It’s not a full-time job, but it’s an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the game I love and the public gaming program I participate in every week.

Dnd In A Resume

Dnd In A Resume

The job description was unlike any I had ever seen before. The requirements for this position included a deep knowledge of the game Dungeons & Dragons and its community, a minimum of five years of experience playing and mastery of one or more editions of Dungeons & Dragons, a thorough knowledge and passion for Dungeons & Dragons, and the ability to take one D&D master course. convention every year. As a serious player and champion for D&D public play, it’s as if this post was practically written for me personally.

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A gaming resume? What is this? I guess they wanted to know how deep I was into games. Since this was a job related to D&D public play, I also understood that they wanted me to let them know how much experience I had with the existing D&D public play program. Seems like a reasonable request to me. Now all I had to do was come up with a game resume.

I realized that a strong gaming resume could give me an edge over other qualified candidates so I decided to get creative. I decided to make my resume look like an old school, hand drawn, D&D dungeon. It took me more hours than I care to admit to putting this together, but in the end I feel like I did it. I should know by next week if I got the position or not. Wish me luck. It is not impossible to write a resume that will attract attention and elaborate on your talents and abilities. And if you’ve played Dungeons & Dragons (DnD), even better!

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With a little creativity and intelligence, you can formulate a resume that will make you stand out and help you land your dream job.

When writing your resume, there are certain things you can mention to make your resume look more appealing.

Three Halflings In A Trenchcoat: A Homebrew Fighter Class For D&d

In addition to detailing your education, extracurricular activities, work experience and hobbies/interests, you can also creatively list your skills.

Who does not know about Dungeons and Dragons? One session of this revolutionary game can last from three hours to a whole day. Roleplaying is about telling stories in fantasy worlds.

Dungeon Masters acquire many skills that are useful outside of the game. Most of us wonder if we should put DnD on our resume.

Dnd In A Resume

Since employers want to gauge our strengths, skills, and problem-solving abilities, adding Dungeon Master to our resume can provide insight into our personality.

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Not everyone knows what a dungeon master is and how it helps cultivate leadership, communication and social skills. However, certain positions require these very skills.

Your resume is your first impression on potential employers. Putting Dungeons & Dragons on your resume can help you round out a whole list of skills that make you fit for the role.

Here are some skills you can list on your resume and bring to the game.

All of your players interact simultaneously, and at times like these, the Dungeon Master steps in to help organize the party.

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Every employer would love to have a natural leader, especially when hiring for a managerial role. The leadership skills you practice in the game can be useful for coordinating small teams because you know how to assign and delegate.

Mentioning DnD in your resume means that you are not afraid to take responsibility and like to climb the career ladder.

Regardless of the job you are applying for, the ability to interact with the people around you is critical. Recruiters and hiring officials are looking for staff who communicate well with clients and with each other.

Dnd In A Resume

When you list the very social aspect of Dungeons & Dragons on your resume, it shows your skills and strength as a communicator. Your employers will find your qualities more desirable than other applicants, especially if you apply for a sales job.

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Like leadership skills, team building is critical to a company’s success. Many times parties start out as a diverse bunch of misfits who have no common goal of working as a team.

The DM must help them unite and become a team to create an experience that builds cooperation and trust.

When recruiters see this game-related skill, they assess that you can drive and motivate a team to achieve company goals. It’s one skill that will definitely help you get ahead in your professional life.

There’s no doubt that playing Dungeons and Dragons nurtures your problem-solving skills. Challenging your players, whether it’s tactical boss fights or intricate puzzles, requires meticulous problem solving.

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You start looking at problems from different angles to come up with the best solution. When you create problems for your players, you not only have to solve them but also break them, which requires excellent problem solving skills.

Many employers prefer to choose professionals who do not succumb to pressure and demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills in the most challenging situations.

Remember when the wanderer planned to steal a precious item, but the barbarian was already on a rampage? Many times, the best way to manage conflicting ideas is through mediation.

Dnd In A Resume

As a dungeon master, you develop excellent methods for solving problems and de-escalating conflicts. Communication and mediation skills help us deal with angry clients or challenging situations.

Third To Fifth — Hellfire Wyrm Huge Dragon, Lawful Evil Armor Class

Most employers are looking for professionals who are not only good communicators, but also exceptional mediators. This is because good mediators de-escalate hostile situations and help both parties reach a common conclusion.

For some, the least fun part of Dungeons & Dragons is the math. Mathematical calculations are essential for killing those pesky skeletons or dividing food rations between characters.

But these skills can shine on your resume when you list them as your strengths. If you love crunching numbers and aren’t shy about solving math problems, highlight the math benefits of playing Dungeons and Dragons on your resume.

A big part of your job as Dungeon Masters is preparing and planning sessions for your players. You also have to spend a significant amount of time creating back-up plans if your rogue friends dump the campaign again.

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Postponed) Dungeons & Dragons

This skill can make you stand out when applying for inventory management or managerial positions. If you apply for a position in a supermarket, your planning skills can come in handy to get a job at a well-known supermarket.

Dungeon Masters use visualization skills to conjure up epic battles. However, visualization is also key to mapping complicated procedures and experimenting with research and development.

Who would have thought that DnD could provide such useful real-world applications? Experimentation is a great asset and skill when applying for an R&D job.

Dnd In A Resume

In this day and age, nerds are cooler than you think. Putting Dungeons and Dragons on your resume is not a bad idea at all as it gives insight into your creative, analytical and problem solving skills.

How To Put D&d On Your Resume — Plus One To Gaming

So, the next time you’re applying for a role at a game development company, a superstore, or a management position, don’t hesitate to show off your love of gaming and grab the attention of your employer.

Marissa Letendre is a senior human resources executive and resume expert with over 12 years of experience. She has worked for both startups and Fortune 50 corporations and has helped thousands land jobs at top companies. Marissa has written on a wide range of topics including employee engagement, career development, resumes, job hunting, recruiting and organizational effectiveness and has been featured on sites such as Slack and The Undercover Recruiter.

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