Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

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Cannabis Extraction, Lab Technician, Brand Ambassador, Marketing, Warehouse Operations, On-Time Order Fulfillment, Packaging, Process Design, Machine Diagnostics & Repair, Cultivation, Pruning, Harvesting, Security, Product Growth & Business Expansion

Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

Prepared a variety of iced and hot caffeinated beverages, as well as hot chocolate and pastries. Other duties included opening and closing the store, making iced tea, grinding coffee and espresso beans, and running the cash register.

How To Become A Cannabis Budtender In Las Vegas

Taking food and drink orders, entering them into the computer for the kitchen, waiting tables, cleaning, stocking, creating tables, counting drawers, keeping registers, making drinks, delivering food, preparing food

Medical cannabis and its legalization have been progressing in recent years, encouraging more people to become vigilantes and grow the medical cannabis community.

Don’t worry because all of this will be explained in this article, where you’ll learn what to put on a budtender resume and how to highlight your experience to really stand out from the budtender crowd.

Budtenders are often mistaken for potters who just smoke every day looking for the best deals on buds, but that’s not true.

Hire Learning: Best Practices For Hiring In Cannabis

In fact, as a budtender, your job is to be the spokesperson for medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis shops.

The following are the elements you should include in your resume if you want to secure one of these marijuana dispensary jobs:

In addition to all this, your budtender resume should be accompanied by a cover letter highlighting the main points of your resume.

Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

Pro-Tip If you find yourself asking “how much do ambulance jobs pay?”, look no further! A dispensary in the United States has an average annual salary of $34,179 per year, and the best paying temp jobs can be found around Seattle WA and Los Angeles WA, at $15 and $14 an hour, respectively. Catch: Refresh the objectives and summary statements

How Marijuana Companies Woo Budtenders To Increase Sales, Promote Brands

If you’re still not sure how to land a budtender job, the answer is to have a stellar resume. You should always start it with an objective or professional summary.

The goal of a budtender resume is to show your passion for the industry if you are new to the industry; it also shows your desire to work with the team you are applying to.

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If you are an experienced worker or applying for a management position (which would include a budtender manager resume), you should include a professional summary.

Recent Botany graduate looking to work for MedStation LLC and help it expand its reach in California. In addition to my Budtender Basics Certification, I worked a summer internship at Greenthumb Cannabis Company where I weighed and rolled marijuana products and observed the manager as she interacted with customers. This involved knowing the customer’s needs intimately and prescribing the appropriate dose and types of cannabis. Being new to the industry, I am eager to learn and would love to contribute to the team at MedStation LLC.

You’re Hired! You Don’t Need To Pay For A Cannabis Course To Be A Budtender — Jess Hen

This description of the applicant’s CV has included the applicant’s previous work experience and shows his commitment to work in this industry.

A seasoned Budtender and Certified Cannabis Budtender, I was employed for over four years at various MMJ dispensaries, including the ‘Ol Reliable Marihuana Store, where I worked over 200 strains of marijuana and retained over 80% of my customers. My duties included helping customers find the strain of marijuana that suited their needs and weighing and packaging the orders that came in. I am now looking to work for MedStation LLC in expanding their business in California.

A budtender’s job is not just to distribute marijuana to customers; The demands of working in a dispensary can be much higher than you think.

Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

Don’t just write a list, elaborate on these skills and show how they could be applied in the real world.

How To Write A Cannabis Cover Letter

Key Skills I identified the specific needs of various customers and tailored products to them using my extensive knowledge of over 200 strains of cannabis I worked on Shopify, Revel and Lightspeed POS systems Disciplined working within the regulations specified by CA MMJ laws and regulations

Pro-Tip Budtender certification is not required to get a budtender job! The skills you have and your knowledge of marijuana may be more important than the certification itself. However, if you want to achieve it, try the Budtender Basics Certification. Starting with the cannabis cover letter

Cover letters and resumes are not the same thing. However, both should highlight your knowledge of the cannabis industry and your desire to work in it.

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Check out this sample cover letter for a dispensary job as an example of a CA budtender resume:

Diacal Ck Mb En Dt Rev01 21375

As a user of medical cannabis, my challenge is to promote its use for pain control and relief. I try to use my own experience and work as a budtender in MedStation LLC. I believe that despite the stigma attached to using marijuana, it can actually help people reclaim the lives they have lost to the disease. I hold a Cannabis Budtender Certification and previously worked at Evergreen Cannabis Company where I was assigned the responsibilities of working with customers to identify their specific needs and customize the product using my in-depth knowledge of over 200 strains of cannabis. My customer approval rating on this job was a healthy 85% and many customers kept coming back to specifically request my services. The team awarded me the title of “Inspiring Leader” and now I would like to contribute my skills to MedStation LLC and help those in need.

Now, this cover letter is good because it clearly shows the person’s work experience and in-depth knowledge of the use of medical marijuana for pain control, which should be a good read for any job seeker.

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Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

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Whether you’re applying for medical marijuana dispensary jobs or jobs in Denver and Los Angeles, a great cannabis resume can open the door to such opportunities.

Do you want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s quick and easy to use. In addition, you get ready-made content that you can add with one click. View over 20 resume templates and create your resume here.

Dispensary Budtender Resume Sample

Self-motivated professional with over 3 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Passionate advocate for the use of marijuana and other holistic approaches to health care. Eager to provide guests with Greenwolf LA

Budtender Resume Example & Cannabis Sales Rep Cv Template

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