Disney College Program Resume

Disney College Program Resume – Strategic, professional and bilingual imminent graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a commitment to passionate customer service. They were selected from Disney’s College Program’s large pool of candidates and gained experience in implementing a vibrant merchandising strategy to enhance brand awareness and drive sales. Committed to excelling in challenging and tight deadline sales and account management environments while actively contributing to the success of the company.

Merchandising Strategic Planning Aggressive Listening Skills Strong Organizational Skills Sharp Problem Solver Vibrant Work Attitude Business Development Sales Management Store Maintenance Skills Inventory Management Familiarity Customer Service Professionals Communication Skills

Disney College Program Resume

Disney College Program Resume

2015 Prince Edward Island University Charlottetown, City, State BBA Top 10% in Business Administration. Double minor in Accounting and Statistics.

The Disney College Program Will Resume In June At Walt Disney World

Merchandiser, June 11, 2010 Company Name City, has been selected to work for Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which sells merchandise at the main gate. We have helped our guests to have a pleasant holiday experience and find the perfect souvenir. Interact daily with domestic and international customers and retail buyers and expedite orders accordingly. Resolved complex issues and product complaints. Processed and issued money orders. Student Food Server, June 2009 April 2010 Company Name City, State Supports food preparation, plating and serving. We greeted guests and confirmed our meal plans. They operated the cash register and processed the transaction accurately. Kitchen and dining facilities, properly stored supplies and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected. Thoroughly protect your organization’s assets. The Disney College Program is one of the most unique internship experiences a college student can have. After all, Disney Parks are known for their incredible attractions and shows, timeless stories and characters, and world-class customer service. The opportunity to work there is an amazing experience teaching students a wealth of transferable skills no matter what career path they choose. Also, when competing for jobs, how many other candidates can say they’ve worked for a Fortune 100 company as well as some of America’s most popular vacation spots? Participating in the Disney College program and putting that experience on your resume will appeal to potential employers.

However, because they can fulfill different roles (attractions, management, costumes, etc.) in the Disney College program, there are also many different skills that participating students learn. This leads many Disney alumni to ask questions like: How do I list my Disney University programs on my resume?

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Before writing the Disney College Program on your resume, you must first draft it.

Why make the first draft? There are many reasons, but the most important is to make sure you have analyzed and prioritized your entire experience and all the information you get from it. It’s easy to write down what comes to mind, but it’s also easy to forget important classes you’ve taken or events you’ve participated in (especially at the beginning of a program). After you’ve written everything, look through it all so you can make sure you have all the information available and evaluate it effectively to see what works best for your resume.

Customer Service Student Resume Example

(Tip: List the first draft so that it is easy to read when analyzing later.)

You may have been assigned to one role when you were offered a job, but you may have had the opportunity to cross-train into another role or position during your program. If you have extended your Disney College program for additional semesters or summers and your original role was a seasonal role (eg lifeguard), you may have changed roles and/or locations. Whatever you do, in your initial draft, list all roles and positions you have worked in the Disney College Program.

You should also record any shifts outside your normal position(s) and what their roles are. This shows that you have an example to help when and where you need it!

Disney College Program Resume

Did you take a class or seminar during the Disney College program? Or have you been on a Discover Disney tour? Take it down! List the class/seminar/tour name, duration, number of meetings, lessons learned, activities, guest speakers, etc. If you can’t remember the details, you can: Always refer to the dormitory or talk with your classmates.

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One of the great things about the Disney College program is that it offers many additional opportunities outside of work and classes, such as attending workshops or participating in VoluntEAR events. If you participated in one of these opportunities, record what the opportunity was, how it was related, and how it (in the case of a volunteer event) affected your volunteer work.

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If you have completed the Disney College program, you have left with at least one certificate of completion (Certificate of Completion). However, you can also earn other certifications by taking classes (if I remember correctly) and participating in a certain number of additional opportunities, such as workshops. With four keycards and cast compliments, you can be recognized while at work. If you earned any of these, be sure to list them and what you earned for them!

The Disney College Program website is a wealth of information that you can use as a resource while writing your resume. Especially information about your role because there is a full list of the various responsibilities included in your role! Browse your role on the website and find out the responsibilities that pertain to you while performing your role.

You can also refer to this list for keywords like “maintenance”, “monitoring”, “support”, “management”, etc. These are action verbs you can use when drafting the final draft of your resume list. In the next step, we will create a starting list of ideas.

What Is The Status Of My Application?

(Note: Please do not copy and paste directly from the Disney College Program website. This is not only cheating, but it could backfire if the hiring manager decides to further investigate your role at Disney and looks at the resume listing. Disney The College Program’s list of role responsibilities can be used as reference, resource, and inspiration, but may not apply to all resumes.)

Now that you have written down everything you have achieved and learned in the Disney College Program, the next step is to analyze it and group everything until you have a list of 5-10 categories. However, these categories exclude your basic role information (eg role, location, season of engagement, etc.). This role information is considered mandatory and will go into the “header” and “subheaders” of your resume listing.

When grouping these items, look for similarities in everything you list, such as grouping all awards and recognition into categories, or grouping additional opportunities into categories. If there is too much information to fit into one category, one large category (such as awards and recognition) may be divided into two separate categories. Make sure the items listed inside the items still match, such as one item having a class award and the other having cast member recognition.

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Disney College Program Resume

Once you’ve put everything in your own category, you’ll want to make a list of action verbs that you can use on your resume for everything you just listed. You can use the Disney College Program website to see what they have used for your role, or you can refer to this list of 185 action verbs. This list shows how many are listed, as well as the actions taken (eg customer service).

Walt Disney World

Now that you’ve pre-written, it’s time to incorporate everything into your Disney College Program Resume list.

Each resume layout is different, but it’s a good idea to start by listing your place of employment, in this case the Walt Disney Company. I follow up on my resume by listing the “Disney College Program” and my main roles. In this case, it would look something like this:

It may change slightly depending on the layout of your resume. For example, the above example is considered my “header” to the listing and my program dates (I participated in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) are listed below with subtitles in italics. Other employers outside the Walt Disney Company do not understand what “Fall 2018” or “Fall Advantage 2018” means, so we recommend listing the actual dates (in month and year format) of the program. .

The subtitles and headers in the example above may also change depending on the layout of your resume.

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If your resume doesn’t have a subheading style that lists program dates, remove “Disney College Program” and replace it with your program date, and your header will look like this:

Dates, roles and placements of companies may be overridden depending on your preferences and resume layout.

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