Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume

Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume – For more than 30 years, Disney has had a college internship program (now called the Disney College Program). Active college students who have taken at least one semester of college courses are eligible to apply for a 5- to 7-month internship (international students who do not have restrictions to work in the United States may also apply). I spoke with two College Program alumni (Courtney and Ethan) about their experiences at the show at Disney World three years ago.

First, a little history. In 1981, Disney started an internship program. At its inception, these coaches had 200 positions at the Magic Kingdom. Of course, the program grew with the resort, and today there are internships at all theme parks and resorts at both Disneyland and Disney World. About 8,000 students participate every year.

Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume

Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume

The college program is a paid internship. In addition to providing affordable housing and free transportation (Disney World only), participants receive a full-time job position as part of the internship. They earn an hourly wage based on their role.

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It has 19 different roles to play. Some of the positions available are Security Guard, Merchandise, Food & Beverage, Photopass Photography, Character Casting and Attraction Operator. Courtney and Ethan were placed in Quick Service Food & Beverage based on their previous experience working in restaurants. They held positions at Studio Catering in Hollywood Studios, where they rotated between positions (food prep, beverage servers, cashiers, etc.) and were sent to other counter service restaurants and food carts as needed, and they were able to pick up. More changes if they want.

Regardless of the role a student takes, “participants will have the opportunity to work on their communication skills, problem-solving skills, and their self-confidence and self-esteem,” according to the college’s program website.

Disney takes customer service seriously. Both Ethan and Courtney walked away from the experience with great training to help every guest have a positive experience, which is the goal of the Disney Corporation. All staff are responsible for keeping the parks clean for guests. They are trained to answer guests’ questions or find the answer if the question cannot be answered. College prom attendees greet guests with a smile, always use two fingers when pointing at a guest (one finger is rude), comment on the guest’s special occasion pins, and adopt a Disney look to their appearance. Employees are empowered to find “magical moments” for guests, such as offering free dessert for birthdays or letting guests open a park or attraction. Courtney says, “We were all responsible for helping to ‘create the story’ for guests because we were an amusement park full of attractions. We offered the experience of a lifetime.

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Participants in college courses, seminars and college programs have special experiences. The American Council on Education recommends 3 to 9 credits for internship experience, but availability varies by college or university.

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College program participants also have a variety of on-site college course options, many of which are designed to teach transferable skills such as professionalism and communication. These courses are as rigorous as regular college courses, and college credit may be awarded at the student’s college or university’s discretion. Courses are free for College Program members, but materials may require a fee.

Many seminars are also available for free, such as a resume writing course or “exploring leadership.” Courtney and Ethan both recommend the “Disney Heritage Tour” for a fascinating look at the history of the Disney Corporation.

A college program comes with non-academic benefits. Disney offers special experiences to its college program participants. There are mixers and dances for participants to get to know each other. There are networking opportunities with Disney staff where students can ask questions about their careers. There are also opportunities behind the scenes. Ethan and Courtney were able to enjoy Space Mountain with lights on, and The Haunted Mansion, Fantasmic! and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume

Park admissions, friends and family discounts, and on-property dining and merchandise discounts are just some of the many benefits of being a college program participant.

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Disney takes work ethics seriously. College program participants have a strict code of conduct to follow, which closely aligns with Disney’s family-friendly atmosphere. Underage drinking is not tolerated, and there are some housing complexes that are actually alcohol-free zones (those under the age of 21 can be fired from their posts). Disney uses a point system to measure less serious infractions, such as attendance problems, anti-Disney appearances, and safety violations. Excess points may result in disciplinary action or suspension from the program. The program is designed to inculcate good work ethics in the participants.

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What did Courtney and Ethan take away from the experience? Both think it’s worth taking a semester off from college to complete the internship. Ethan started the internship undecided about his career path, and he left with a new college major – marketing (he was impressed by how Disney does such a good job with all the details and how good they are at building their brand). Courtney was in the middle of her elementary education degree, but as a lifelong lover of Disney World, she knew she wouldn’t regret the internship experience. Courtney enjoyed meeting many new friends through the show, and her love of children was only fueled by daily interactions with the pint-sized guests. She feels lucky to have interacted with so many international actors and guests and in fact she has learned to say “I love you” in different languages ​​by talking to her new international friends.

Any advice from Ethan and Courtney for college program participants? When you apply, be enthusiastic and enthusiastic. If you choose to participate, take advantage of all the benefits you can, especially seminars and behind-the-scenes specials. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (although many actors and Disney Company employees begin their Disney experience in a college program). Keep an open mind to experience and take the time to get to know others. You never know – you might meet your future wife.

The next time you visit Disneyland or Disney World, pay attention to the name tags of the smiling actors you see. If you look at the college or university listed, they are trained in the Disney College Program.

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Ethan and Courtney met as participants in a college program and married in 2015. Where did Ethan propose? The Haunted Mansion’s “Scream Room” is a favorite attraction while on a magical Disney World vacation.

Trista is an analytical planner in love with Disney World. With two preteens and a Disney-loving husband, Trista approaches every vacation with spreadsheets, crowd projections, and tour plans that will make your head spin. Despite her logical approach to vacation planning, Trista feels the magic as soon as she steps onto Main Street America and spies Cinderella’s castle. First, it’s Disney. A world of its own that spawned countless animated movies. Home of famous characters like Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh and more.

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Second, this amazing resume proved to be Brendan McLoughlin’s ultimate ticket to landing a video production assistant role.

Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume

For these two reasons, we won’t just skim the surface. We dig really deep and read between the lines.

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A close study of anything, let alone industry documents, is a tool to gain a deeper understanding of its structure and function. In other words, everything exists for a reason.

First things first. Whichever resume template you choose to use, be sure to put your contact information in a prominent place.

If recruiters want to contact you, include your email address, phone number, and address (it’s not impossible to get a letter, but you never know). A link to your personal website or your digital portfolio. If you have one, of course.

The intro is absolutely stellar. The first sentence answers two basic questions every hiring manager wants to know:

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Dealing with so many job seekers every day, recruiters want effective communication. Brendan’s opening hyphen-laden sentence shows his cards right off the bat.

On the other hand, the following paragraph introduces another effective resume technique: the art of storytelling. A simple and very readable story that will grab anyone’s attention.

What you see here is an informative, ambitious and humor-fueled column. It is personal, concise, and relevant. A concise and digestible history of Brendan’s life and career.

Disney College Program Quick Service On Resume

It reveals Brendan’s fascination with the visual medium, describing his intrinsic drive and dedication to his vision. Well, who can resist hiring such a film buff?

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Having already sketched out some of his personality in the introduction section, Brendan uses his skills section to demonstrate his technical prowess.

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