David Paykin Resume Templates

David Paykin Resume Templates – Writing your CV doesn’t have to be complicated. Your CV should be simple, specific and ultimately clearly communicate why you are the best person for the job.

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David Paykin Resume Templates

David Paykin Resume Templates

If you have submitted your CV without getting a reply, it is not your fault. School learn how to write a resume if you were an applicant in 1974 and most online help consists of resume software companies trying to get you to use their service.

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Writing your CV doesn’t have to be complicated. Your CV should be simple, specific and clearly communicate why you are the best person for the job. If you follow this idea, your resume will pass right through the ATS filters.

Before we begin, remember that you need to tailor and adapt your resume to each job you apply for. This means that you read through the job description and see how you can reflect it in your CV. This can be as simple as taking keywords from the job description and using them in your CV where relevant.

Think of this article as an explanation of how to write your “generic” resume. The generic resume will get you 80% there. The last 20% will be when you find a job you want to apply for. This is when you want to make a copy of your generic resume and adapt it to the job you are applying for.

TLDR: Your resume should look simple, clean and modern. Most people only need an experience, education and skills section. ‍

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Your resume should look like one of the templates I’ve listed below. The fastest way to improve your CV is simply to use one of the templates below. They will get you started on the right foot. Select on, make a copy and use that template from now on.

. This is all you need. If you’ve worked on projects that you feel are important to share, you can create one

Many people wonder “Can my resume be two pages?” The short answer is no. I have seen people who have 2 page resumes, but they are professionals with lots of experience looking for jobs, they know they have a competitive advantage.

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David Paykin Resume Templates

If you don’t have much experience and if you feel that there is a lot of competition for the jobs you are applying for, make your CV only one page.

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TLDR: A professional summary isn’t mandatory and won’t make or break you, but it can add some context to your resume if there’s something you’d like to explain.​​

You may be wondering if you need a professional resume. You can really go either way with this one. I’ve never used one and done just fine. Even as I gain more experience, I may add one the next time I apply for a job.

The professional summary can help you add a little more context and personality to your resume. Also, if there’s a specific field you’re trying to get into or a niche you’re in that you want them to be aware of, you can do that in the professional summary.

The David Paykin template has one that you can model yours after. I took the personal summary from that resume and turned it into a template below. You can use this to help you write it. If you want your personal summary to be longer or you have more to say, you can duplicate the template and add more details a second time.

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Often when I review someone’s resume, I don’t have a clear understanding of what they actually did at their job. I’ll see vague statements like “Answered phones and emails” or “Maintained documents and spreadsheets.”

If you answered phones, what did you accomplish during those phone calls? If it’s easier, you can first list your responsibilities and then convert them into results. So, if you worked in customer support, you could list your responsibilities like this:

See how much more there is in the phrase “Answered phone calls and emails”? You can refer to any of the resume templates linked earlier to see examples of the experience section.

David Paykin Resume Templates

The best resumes are a list of accomplishments. The worst resumes are just a job description with someone’s name at the top.

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If you completed only one college and did not earn a degree, list the years you attended. For example,

If you did something else during college, maybe you were president of a club, or you had a particularly high GPA, and you think it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for, you can list that as a bullet point under the main heading. See the education section of this template for an example.

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If you have little or no education (or experience), I recommend taking some courses related to the job you’re applying for on LinkedIn Learning. With each course you get a certificate that you can write on your CV. For example, if you’re looking for customer support jobs, search for “customer support” and grab a few.

TLDR: List your general skills (writing, project management, graphic design) and specific skills (Google Docs, HTML/CSS, Photoshop), then pick the ~10 most relevant to the job you’re applying for and put them on your Resume.

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I go into depth with the Skills section of this article, but all you really need to do is think about your general skills and specific skills.

General skills are things like project management, customer service, sales, data analysis or communication. These are general because they are not tied to any particular technology, tool or action.

Graphic design is Adobe Photoshop. Data analysis is a general skill whereas Excel or SQL is a specific skill.

David Paykin Resume Templates

You can list a combination of general and specific skills that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for, but you’ll lean more towards specific skills as they’re more concrete.

The Templates You’ve Been Asking For

Remember that the principles to follow must be specific when describing your experience and that your resume must communicate why you are the best person for the job.

Before applying for a job, I recommend using this resume scanner tool to make sure your resume gets through the applicant tracking system.

If you are looking for a remote job, check out my guide How to get a remote job: A step-by-step guide.

The way we approach motivation is completely wrong and it’s obvious because even with all the data, tools and methods, people are still not motivated.

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The purpose of this guide is to get you your first freelance client. I’ll show you how to decide what service to offer, how to learn it, and how to land your first gig. If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you’ve signed up for early access to the templates I’ve put together for resumes, emails, and LinkedIn personal invitations. The question and answer bank is now available on my Instagram highlights and will be updated DAILY with situations that many of you are facing now or may face in the future.

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The CVs came from Unfold Careers. I am not sponsored or affiliated with them in any way other than getting approval to be able to share them with you all. There isn’t a massive advantage to one version of the resume over the other, but wanted to provide both if you like one style over the other.

I put together the email templates and customize them based on what will work in most situations and industries. I’ll be updating with more templates based on specific industries, positions, situations, etc., so be sure to keep up with my content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to know when they’re coming out!

David Paykin Resume Templates

In the end, the LinkedIn templates were the ones I created from scratch, and they will fit into the 300 character maximum that the platform allows.

By Young Professionals For Young Professionals

Be sure to read the notes and keep up with my content so you understand how to use these templates correctly if you’re having trouble getting answers. If you’re having trouble, it’s probably because you’re not incorporating all the tips, tricks, and techniques I discuss in my content.

This is a bit rushed and is the early version, but wanted to get something out to you all asap so you can start moving forward and networking!

I’m doing everything I can to disrupt an industry of people trying to extract money from you on information that I should basically be free of people in and right out of school, instead of chasing the desperation of a tough economy.

I depend on all of you to get the word out and share these resources and hope I can continue to help by providing FREE career advice based on what has worked for me and countless others I have known and helped.

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I am not responsible for anything that may result from this email or its resources (both good and bad). It is up to you to adapt this correctly to your intended audience and whether you are successful or not depends on your execution. I can give you all the tactics, strategies and hacks (and I will continue to do so for FREE), but it’s up to you

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