David Paykin Free Resume Template

David Paykin Free Resume Template – Unfortunately, this is becoming the norm due to the disconnection of senior management from those on the ground floor. And these are not isolated cases. It is common.

Companies may not realize that your employees remember this and when the market inevitably recovers, they will run away in a hurry!

David Paykin Free Resume Template

David Paykin Free Resume Template

Costs in the future when those who understand the inner workings of your business lose their incentive to stay!

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Meanwhile, we have a growing number of young professionals who understand the trade-off between mental, physical and emotional well-being and modest financial growth.

In other words, those who can donate the extra money will choose to do so in an effort to preserve their welfare over many years.

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University Alum Uses Tiktok To Help Students Land Jobs

As always, we need to be aware of our vocabulary, so here’s what you should know when you see these phrases in emails:

For those who don’t know, on weekdays I host a “LinkedIn Lounge” where we discuss current career issues and tactics/strategies for navigating the real world with a focus on young professionals.

We’re cutting these sessions into clips (see below) so you can all catch the highlights when you miss the live stream!

David Paykin Free Resume Template

I describe the most common mistakes students, recent graduates, and young professionals make in the job search process as someone who has made them, and I speak to hundreds of young professionals about my own experiences.

Are You Overthinking? 🤔

I also offer effective ways to avoid these mistakes and the practical impact they have on opening up more opportunities for you in the long run, EVEN if you’ve been rejected on your current application.

Think a family member, friend, or someone you know could benefit from this knowledge? You can share by clicking or tapping the button below! Chevron icon on premium homepage Indicates a section or drop-down menu or sometimes previous/next navigation options. advertising

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Trending CareerAdvice TikTok, where creators have collected over 1 billion views and help Gen Z users get a job

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I Have Been Applying For Jobs For Long On Indeed , But Not Getting Any Calls, I Don’t Have Any Experience So I Offered To Work For Free For 4 Months But

David Pekin gained over 1 million followers on TikTok by sharing career advice. Courtesy of David Paikin

When 25-year-old David Paikin was laid off from his job as an insurance consultant at an accounting firm last year, the obvious next step was to try to find a new position at another company.

Instead, Peikin created a TikTok account. He told Insider that he now spends 15 hours a day creating career advice, and in less than six months the account has more than 1 million followers.

David Paykin Free Resume Template

“I’m just going to put as much free content as I can on as many free resources as possible so that people who don’t have the funds to be able to go in and pay for that knowledge and resources can actually have a place to go,” said Pekin, who goes out daily live at 20:00 CET for a Q&A session with your followers.

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Peikin is one of a growing cohort of career coaches on TikTok who help job seekers on the app land interviews and offers. Videos under the hashtag “CareersAdvice” have received over 1 billion views, while videos posted with the hashtag “#JobTok” have received over 24 million views. As COVID-19 disrupts more traditional personal career guidance, some of JobTok’s creators have seen the app’s followers skyrocket over the past year. Some have also partnered with brands, while others focus more on offering paid services outside of the app.

Insider spoke with some of JobTok’s most popular creators, as well as social media and recruiting experts, who shared how creators in this niche are honing their careers on TikTok.

Alexa Schoen, a TikTok career coach and CEO of career platform Entry Level Boss, launched her account in January. She qualified for TikTok’s Creator Fund in her first week on the app after amassing 38,000 followers in the first seven days. Now more than 120,000 people have subscribed to her account. (Creator Fund is TikTok’s program to compensate creators over 18 in the US and Europe who have at least 10,000 followers and 10,000 views.)

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Sales of Alexa Schoen’s book Entry Level Boss skyrocketed after she started posting on TikTok, where she now has over 120,000 followers. Courtesy of Alexa Schoen

David Paykin On Linkedin: Thoughts?

Schoen’s first Creators Fund payment of £112.05 ($154.78) arrived in her account in March. Insider verified Shen’s earnings by viewing a screenshot of her Creator Fund Dashboard.

Shoen generates revenue through educational programs and university partnerships that help students enter the workforce. Private coaching on her website costs $450 for two 75-minute sessions and $750 for three 135-minute sessions. Schoen declined to comment on the royalties she receives from universities, though she said interest in those partnerships, especially from US colleges, has increased since she launched her TikTok account.

TikTok Shen helped her outside the program as well. Sales of her entry-level boss book, which she published last May, skyrocketed between December and January. “We sold more copies in the first three weeks of being on TikTok than we did in all of 2020,” Schoen said.

David Paykin Free Resume Template

Bernie Levv is a brand partnerships coordinator at City Media, a casting and production company that tapped into the JobTok niche with its 45,000-follower TikTok account.

Resume Review? Any Critics/comments Will Be Appreciated. Check Comments For More Details.

Bernie Levv has 45,000 followers on TikTok, where she writes about her life as a “multi-hyphenate.” Courtesy of Bernie Levv

Her content focuses on being “multi-hyphenated” — a label used for people who are on multiple career paths at the same time — and how to navigate freelancing. She offers free downloadable resume and cover letter templates on her website.

“My life is based on the fact that I do not choose one thing. And so I put out a video saying, ‘Hey everybody, this is what I’m doing and you can do it too,’ and it kind of blew up,” she told Insider. “My lack of a niche became my niche.”

JobTok isn’t just a place for individual creators—existing career coaching platforms have also created content and sought new audiences on TikTok.

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In November 2020, Caitlin Munctelow started posting regularly on the Work It Daily TikTok platform for career education and job hunting, and the account now has over 250,000 followers. Munctelow spends two to four hours a week researching job opportunities to include in Work It Daily videos on TikTok.

Caitlin Munctelow runs the Work It Daily TikTok account on the career coaching platform, with over 250,000 followers as of November 2020. Courtesy of Caitlin Munctelow

Some companies pay Work It Daily to promote their positions to their followers, although they must meet requirements such as having multiple open positions and a rating of at least 3.5 stars on the job and company review portal Glassdoor.

David Paykin Free Resume Template

“It can be frustrating to see a company hiring for only five positions when there are 250,000 people who will see the video and only a few openings,” she said.

The Only Resume Guide You Need (free Templates Included)

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Some Work It Daily followers on TikTok also use his videos to help their parents find work.

“On every other video, I’ll see a comment that says, ‘Hi, my mom is looking for a job and has a background in, say, content writing — is there a job that might be a good fit for her?'” Munktelow said.

About 5,000 visits to the Work It Daily website have come directly from TikTok since the beginning of March. The account is also eligible for the TikTok Creator Fund and has earned $164.72 from the app so far. Insider verified the earnings by looking at screenshots of each dashboard.

The Templates You’ve Been Asking For

JobTok helps TikTok users boost their careers, but experts advise job seekers to also explore official channels

Josh Roelofs worked in a restaurant after moving from California to Florida, but wanted to transition to a more corporate job. He had no industry experience or a degree.

Roelofs spent four to five hours a day applying for jobs, and he estimated he applied to a hundred a week, but couldn’t land a single interview. While looking at Peikin’s advice on how to work daily on TikTok, he turned to Peikin for help.

David Paykin Free Resume Template

“I asked David, ‘Are you sure we’re going to find something?’ I doubted myself a lot,” said Roelofs, whose details

Tiktok Creators Are Giving Career Advice And Helping Viewers Land Jobs

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