Criminal Justice Resume Examples

Criminal Justice Resume Examples – Becoming employed within the criminal justice system is not an easy process. While you may be an expert at keeping order in the correctional facility, getting your resume in order can be challenging. can show you how to create a turnkey correctional resume with an easy-to-follow template.

Your correctional resume should include a list of professional accomplishments from previous jobs and training you have received. But criminal justice employers don’t just want to see that you know what you’re doing; they will also see that you have strong ethics and the ability to work well with people. This applies regardless of whether you are writing an entry-level CV for correctional services or a senior-level CV.

Criminal Justice Resume Examples

Criminal Justice Resume Examples

One way to do that is with a strong career summary (the short paragraph below your contact information), which has come to replace the traditional objective statement with the correctional officer’s resume. You’ll see how we highlight the skills and character traits your background has given you, so you can quickly show employers what you’re made of. In the Core Strengths section, there is a selection of skills for the correctional officer resume. Be sure to include soft skills, such as problem solving and relationship building, as well as hard skills, such as self-advocacy and terminology.

Correctional Officer Resume

Knowledgeable criminal justice practitioner with XX years of service for social security. Implement evidence-based and best practices to maintain corrections’ primary goals. Build positive working relationships with offenders and families, law enforcement agencies and community providers. Dedicated to improving agency performance through continuous learning.

Case management; Motivational interviewing techniques; Criminal Law Terminology; Treatment program Knowledge Working with different populations; Self Defense Tactics; Situational awareness; Crisis intervention; Dynamic leadership Strong relationship building; Complex problem solver; Solution-focused consulting; Ethical standards of conduct

Salaries for correctional officers range from a median of $30,270 to $60,820 per year. But your location and level of experience can affect how much you get paid. Find out for yourself by looking up your job title and position in the salary calculator.

Then start searching for correctional jobs at . If your work experience extends beyond being a correctional officer, consider broadening your search with these similar protective services jobs:

Director Of Security Resume Examples

It can be challenging to write a correctional CV that catches the attention of employers. You may have little time to put into your resume or problems with the writing and organization process. When you hire the top CV writing experts at , you are free from limited job opportunities. We highlight your correctional skills and credentials with strong action verbs and top off your resume with a dash of eye-catching keywords. Law enforcement positions, which include police officers, detectives and criminal investigators, are expected to grow 5% from 2019 to 2029, which is faster than the average rate for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS estimates that the law enforcement field will add approximately 40,600 jobs over this ten-year period, although demand will vary by geographic location. Concerns about public safety will drive openings, as well as local and state law enforcement budgets.

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Although law enforcement openings are projected to increase, you may still face competition when applying for a job. However, a strong resume that demonstrates valuable skills and experience will help set you apart from other applicants. Below you will find examples of CVs and tips on how to best adapt your CV to the job description.

Dedicated trained criminal lawyer with experience as a shop security specialist to prevent and recover company losses. Good written and verbal communication skills and ability to work with colleagues to create a safe and secure work environment. Strong sense of community and understanding of criminal law. Proficient in evidence gathering using video surveillance footage and able to remain calm under pressure and de-escalate conflicts.

Criminal Justice Resume Examples

Community-oriented policeman with 2 years’ experience on the force. As a patrolman, he resolved conflicts on the streets 15% more often than the department average. Good relationship building and conflict management skills. Physically fit and fluent in both Spanish and English.

Manager, Investigations Resume Samples

Professional and driven criminal investigator with 8+ years of experience protecting the safety and security of the United States. Skilled in gathering evidence through physical searches and interviews and skilled in evaluating evidence to draw logical conclusions. Experienced in leading investigative teams during complex investigations and working with external agencies.

Experienced and compassionate patrol officer with 10+ years of experience preventing and managing crime in Indianapolis. Extensive knowledge of criminal, civil and traffic laws and a thorough understanding of collision investigation procedures. Strong verbal and written communicator with a proven track record of fostering positive relationships between the local community and law enforcement.

Hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to help them identify high-quality job applicants. An ATS scans your resume and evaluates it based on the number of matching key skills and action verbs. It’s important to highlight these on your CV, as the higher an ATS ranks your application, the more likely your CV will be pulled from the stack.

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By describing your experience in quantifiable terms, hiring managers can gain a clearer understanding of your skills and abilities. It’s important to mention performance and experience indicators, such as how many officers you may have managed, crime reduction or other performance-related statistics.

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A career in law enforcement usually requires no more than a high school diploma. Still, the BLS indicates that those with additional education may have better job opportunities and chances for advancement. Include the details of your degree, such as location and year of graduation. Emphasize all relevant courses, and include other experience gained through student opportunities.

Hiring managers must sift through a number of resumes to find applicants worth interviewing. Your CV must include relevant skills and experience that match the detailed job description to give you the best chance of getting an interview.

If you’re unsure which skills and experience to focus on, check the job description for the requirements listed first or mentioned repeatedly throughout. Your CV should be a detailed description of how you fit the criteria the hiring manager is looking for. Accomplishments, achievements and other performance indicators are important to mention, and be sure to use engaging and original language when describing your key skills and experience.

Criminal Justice Resume Examples

The Portland Police Department is looking to hire a Criminal Investigator. The successful applicant will be tasked with investigating a variety of crimes across the city and must have the necessary legal knowledge and experience to conduct high quality investigations. You should be able to lead and communicate with officers and other professionals and have highly developed interpersonal skills to interview suspects and witnesses. You should also have experience with arrest and control strategies.

Industrial Security Spec Resume Samples

Write your resume to include relevant keywords for skills and experience above. The example below shows how you can include your qualifications in your CV to match the job description:no Change language close menu Language English (selected) español português Deutsch français Русский italiano Română Bahasa Indonesia Learn more Upload Loading… User settings close menu Welcome to ! Upload language (EN) Benefits Read free FAQ and support Log in

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Highly motivated individual with a track record of scholastic achievement seeking a full-time position as a Criminal Investigator in the Washington, DC area

Led student-run organization dedicated to all educational facets of the criminal justice system in the public sector

Probation Officer Resume Sample

Continuously held positions in food service and administrative assistant throughout my undergraduate and graduate education,

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