Correctional Officer Resume Example

Correctional Officer Resume Example – A resume for a corrections officer position should show a strong sense of responsibility. For this reason, it is vitally important that you suggest that you have them by carefully crafting your prison guard resume.

Recruiters are often looking for employees who are serious, responsible and empathetic, but who can instill discipline when needed. So make sure your prison guard resume displays these qualities.

Correctional Officer Resume Example

Correctional Officer Resume Example

Unlike correctional officers, who guard people awaiting trial, correctional officers are responsible for individuals convicted of crimes. It is important to make this distinction between the two occupations before moving on to writing your prison guard resume.

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A CV and a resume are different in many ways. A CV is primarily used for academia, so a corrections officer CV would often serve an institution, either for research or as a professor, in a criminal studies department.

An official correctional resume is used for job postings. For institutions such as penitentiaries, a corrections officer resume is a suitable document.

On your prison guard resume, be sure to list specific roles and skills. Also, enter relevant keywords that you find in the job description.

Recruiters often use applicant tracking systems to automatically screen resumes before reading them. Your corrections officer resume has a better chance of reaching employers if they are ATS compliant.

Correctional Officer Resume

👍 Tip: the adoption of keywords used in the job description also makes your prison guard resume compatible with the system.

Modify any elements that you feel are valuable to your prison guard resume after looking for resume examples for a prison guard job.

This step is specifically for individuals making a corrections officer resume. Even if the positions are not directly related to a correctional facility, listing experience in different roles as an officer can help with your prison guard resume.

Correctional Officer Resume Example

It goes without saying that recruiters want strong officers, so having relevant physical training on your prison guard resume further ensures that you are the right person for the job. Such examples are martial arts, weightlifting, among other disciplines.

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Any quantifiable performance will best show your abilities to take on such a position, so try to include these numbers in your prison guard resume.

A resume objective or career objective is a short paragraph at the top of your resume that talks about your career objective or purpose and details the line of work you want to work in.

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State the place you are applying for and just talk about your ambitions in terms of the setting you are applying for.

Recruiters want a competent officer, so show them how you can contribute to security order and safety standards.

Correctional Officer Resume Examples & Guide For 2022 (layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description)

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some examples of what a career goal looks like on a prison guard resume:

Provides the correct prison guard models and formats for correctional officers to showcase their skills and experience. Sign up to create the best prison guard resume and download it for free,  Now!

If you have a lot of experience dealing with inmates, you may opt for a resume summary instead of a career objective.

Correctional Officer Resume Example

A prison guard resume summary is a concise overview of your credentials that demonstrates why you are a good candidate for the job, which may include your accomplishments, experience, training, and skills.

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Before moving on to the examples, consider these aspects to craft a great professional resume for a prison guard position:

Using 1-2 adjectives to describe yourself, especially if they were required in the job description, will give your prison guard resume the edge over other candidates as it provides a vivid portrait of you.

As an officer, you have fulfilled certain tasks that are necessary for the position. Be sure to indicate relevant duties based on your experience on your prison guard resume.

Numbers of how many potential disturbances you have successfully controlled or how you have stopped significant illicit operations during your time as an officer make you a successful candidate and someone who has what it takes.

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Skills define whether or not you are able to work in a security facility. There are two formats relevant to a prison guard resume, which are the simple bullet list and the expanded bullet list.

Control of the Imprisoned Population: Mentally prepared and always ready to reduce installation insurrection or any conflicting instances. Familiar with general crowd control guidelines and procedures within the facility.

Your corrections officer skills on your resume will be fully prepared if it contains both personal and technical skills relevant to the position.

Correctional Officer Resume Example

You know inmates have to follow orders for organizational purposes. The same goes for the skills on your correctional resume. No employer wants to read a sloppy skills section, so get your skill list neatly organized.

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You may have missed an aspect at first glance, possibly a key ability. Be sure to check the job listing again to make the best prison guard resume.

If you don’t have work experience or are going through a career change, don’t worry! We support the creation of a prison guard curriculum with the following advice:

Your education will receive more attention on your prison guard resume as you have no work experience. Depending on where you are applying (judicial penitentiary, federal prison, etc.), you may need to add relevant training or certificates.

For a correctional officer position, a resume objective aligns you with the demands of correctional work, declaring your skills and passion.

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For your prison guard resume, there are four different forms of resume formats to choose from: chronological, functional, hybrid/blended, and custom resumes. Among all, a functional resume format emphasizes skills over work experience, which is ideal for freshmen.

Writing a prison guard cover letter is a way of telling the employer why you should be chosen and considered. Describe your skills, qualifications and motivation for applying for the position.

Getting a custom website illustrates that you’ve put sincere initiative into your job search in ways a prison guard resume cannot, such as essays, testimonials, photographs, and additional media.

Correctional Officer Resume Example

Qualified corrections officer with extensive experience in inspection and dispute resolution. Contributed to improving the security of officers at San Joaquin Penitentiary and minimized ambush incidents by 50%.

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Intending to help job seekers fully showcase their worth, it creates an affordable free resume/CV/biodata builder for users to create highly personalized resumes. Having an attractive resume is like a piece of cake! A specific example of proven work + writing guide to landing your next job in 2022. You can edit this prison guard example to get a quick start and easily create a perfect one in just a few minutes. Just fill in your details, download your new one and start your job application today!

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To get a job as a corrections officer, you’ll need to prove that you have the mental and physical stamina to do one of the toughest jobs out there. Your corrections officer should give clear and concise examples of previous experience in correctional facilities or other jobs that required you to look after the safety of others.

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Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. is a resource for job seekers of all experience levels and career types. This guide is one of our 250+ examples of specific jobs designed to help you create the perfect application.

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Prison officers are law enforcement professionals who serve as an authority figure in local jails, state prisons, and federal penitentiaries. Prison officers work to ensure the well-being and safety of prisoners and staff in the vicinity of prisoners. Prison officers interrupt confrontations, maintain order and assist in the rehabilitation process of prisoners.

Correctional Officer Resume Example

Prison officers undergo rigorous training, which allows them to work in difficult and challenging circumstances. Prison officers must have a strong work ethic and physical stamina to serve as an effective and proactive officer.

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An ideal candidate has a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. While not required by all agencies, college degrees or a degree earned in behavioral or social sciences are highly favored.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for correctional officers in 2020 was $47,440 and there were 462,300 positions as prison guards in the US.

A great sample for a corrections officer will contain many of the same sections found in other s, including:

A corrections officer must clearly demonstrate the candidate’s ability to effectively maintain security and control in their designated facility. The candidate must have excellent surveillance skills and be a very detail oriented person.

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Winning correctional officers must highlight the candidate’s excellent judgment as well as physical strength. Prison officers must be adept at reacting quickly and appropriately in emergency situations. The should also highlight the

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