Comptia A+ Description For Resume

Comptia A+ Description For Resume – Sample Resume for Mid-Level IT Help Desk Professional Does your help desk resume need help? Demonstrate technical, diagnostic and customer service skills to generate interest. Get inspired by this sample.

Does your information department resume need help? Showcase your technical, diagnostic and customer service skills to pique the interest of employers, says resume expert Kim Isaacs. Get inspired by this mid-level IT help desk professional resume sample created by Isaacs below and download the mid-level IT help desk professional resume template in Word.

Comptia A+ Description For Resume

Comptia A+ Description For Resume

Jobs for IT support specialists are projected to grow by 11% (or 88,500 jobs) from 2016 to 2026, which is more than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The highest employment levels for this job are found in the following states: California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois; and in the following metropolitan areas: New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

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As an IT help desk specialist, you can expect to earn an average salary of $52,810 per year or $25.39 per hour, according to the BLS.

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In a competitive job market, certifications are an effective way to stand out from other applicants in line. Certification not only expands your knowledge and adds to your experience, but also increases your chances of getting a job.

You can let potential employers know about your certifications by listing them on your resume. A professional-looking resume can help you get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and target a potential employer. Read on to learn more about how to update your resume to include certifications and why it’s important.

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According to Zeta, only one out of four job applicants lists certificates. If you have certifications, be sure to include them in your resume. If not, consider taking a certification course in your industry – this way you’ll automatically be ahead of 73% of other job seekers.

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Professional certifications are certificates awarded for expertise in a specific skill. Certifications are usually obtained from accredited associations or organizations within your career.

Most certification programs have a fee, although some are free. Depending on the program, getting certified is a lengthy process that can take several years. Certificates are available in most career fields. Professional certifications are available for almost every career field. Here is a list of some of the most common certificates.

Comptia A+ Description For Resume

Having a certification on your resume can help you stand out from other applicants and beat the applicant tracking systems (ATS) that many companies use today. A potential employer can automatically filter out resumes that do not include the required certifications.

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If you are interested in getting certified, it can be helpful to explore the best online learning platforms.

Your resume is the perfect showcase if you’ve pursued certification to expand your skills or advance your career. There are also times when you will need to list certifications that are required in a career field. Here are a few more scenarios where you should include a professional certification on your resume.

Depending on your career field, it may be a requirement to work for a company to have specific professional certifications. You may need a certificate to hold a specific position. Examples:

With an increase in companies using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline the hiring process, adding your certifications can be the key to ranking higher than other applicants. Hiring managers use ATS to set specific keywords and other criteria necessary for an open position. There is a good chance that a potential employer will use certifications as ATS keywords if they are relevant to the job.

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Certifications don’t just prove that you’ve met requirements or passed a competency test. They also demonstrate deeper industry knowledge. By listing your credentials, you are letting the potential employer know that you already know how to do the job.

Not all certifications are created equal. A quick Google search for “Information Technology Certifications” reveals over 830 million search results. With certification programs from trusted organizations, there are programs and online courses that promise to help you jump-start your career. Whether the claims are valid or not, opt for certifications recognized in your industry as more credible.

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If you have certifications that are respected in your field, list them on your resume. The more credible your certifications are, the more valuable they are in your job search.

Comptia A+ Description For Resume

Your certifications may not be specific to your career field, but that doesn’t mean you should exclude them from your resume. Including additional certifications can help potential employers see additional skills beneficial to the position you’re applying for.

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If you work in sales, an additional certification in marketing or computer software (Microsoft Office Suite or Google) can put you ahead of other candidates who don’t. Don’t discount certifications that aren’t directly related to your career field. If they point to skills you’ll use in the job, include them in your resume.

Another reason to list certifications on your resume is to show that they align with your career goals. This could mean including certificates that show progress within a particular career field. If you’re changing careers, your certification can demonstrate your desire to excel in a new field. Including these certifications is a great way to get noticed by the hiring manager.

Now that you know when to include professional certifications, the next step is to determine where to list them on your resume. Here are some ways to list your certifications that will catch a hiring manager’s attention.

Depending on the certification, you can include it in either the education or professional development section (or both, if combined) on your resume. Your formal education, including earned degrees, should come before certifications are listed. Include any certifications relevant to your career field and they will help sell you as a great candidate for the position.

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You should also list your certifications in your professional summary. This should be one of the first sections of your resume to appear, so the professional summary should be right below your name. A professional summary is a concise overview of your skills and achievements, so it would make sense to include any relevant certifications.

Some professions license the use of credentials to be given when addressing your name. Doctors, lawyers and accountants use credentials in their name. If you have acquired any recognized professional certifications, it is a good idea to list them at the top of your resume after your name.

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There is also specific information you should include when listing certifications on your resume. When you add them to your resume, always have the following items:

Comptia A+ Description For Resume

I’ve already written about including trusted certifications. By listing the name of the association or organization on your resume, you will ensure that potential employers see that you are certified by a recognized professional association.

Sample Resume For A Midlevel It Help Desk Professional

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