Como Fazer Um Resume Americano

Como Fazer Um Resume Americano – Job seekers are used to sending resumes to companies they want to work for. What is new is that, to apply for postgraduate, master or PhD abroad, the same document is required: CV (Curriculum Vitae).

In general, a CV is a synopsis of your academic and professional trajectory, as well as research experience, publications, awards and other qualifications. The purpose of a CV is to showcase your academic credentials – so it’s important to ensure that the document clearly demonstrates your achievements, expertise and professional qualities. Therefore, it is appropriate to tailor your CV to highlight how your skills meet the requirements of the position/institution.

Como Fazer Um Resume Americano

Como Fazer Um Resume Americano

And while not all universities abroad will ask for a CV, many will – and it is important to know what to include, what not to include, and what size and format this document should have. Check out:

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Although they have certain similarities, the standard labor market curriculum will not work for your application to graduate studies abroad (and nothing else! If you want to know more about the professional curriculum, check out this article from the In Practice portal).

The most recommended is that the resume is created with a focus on academic history, achievements and strengths. It is also interesting to include information about your career path and professional interests – but the focus of your CV should be on your academic background relevant to the program you are applying for.

Your CV is usually the first document that the evaluation committee reads when reviewing your application. That’s why it’s important that your CV not only reflects who you are, but also conveys your message in an error-free, professional and legible way.

If you’re not sure how to create a CV that makes a good impression, check out these 5 expert tips:

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Start impressively – your summary of qualifications should be concise and convincing. With limited space to present yourself, your abstract needs to grab your reader’s attention and entice them to read, rather than move on to the next candidate. So don’t waste this space with generic adjectives like “innovative”, “creative”

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In addition to a brief description of your skills and achievements, a summary of qualifications is your opportunity to reflect your personality and impress the committee.

Emphasize the most interesting aspects of your career so far – include detailed information about your most recent achievements, rather than focusing on past positions (and backgrounds). Those with less than five years of professional or research experience can still value their experience while in college, especially those related to their chosen program.

Como Fazer Um Resume Americano

It’s good to demonstrate everything you can add to the program and all your major achievements. However, it is important to remember that the document is a summary, not an autobiography. If you feel that certain parts of your CV or the entire document are too big, you might be right.

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Use a readable and organized format – with short paragraphs and well-divided topics. A resume that is straight to the point and visually appealing will increase receptiveness among review committee members. In about two pages, it should include:

All of the above information should be given on a maximum of two pages with a font size of at least 10 – with enough space between sections. Limit yourself to four topics for your most recent and important achievements, and no more than two topics for everything else.

Feedback from friends, colleagues and family members is important – ask one or more people to review your CV to make sure it’s ready to send. This study can reveal unknown errors and reveal areas that are confused or poorly explained.

This process will help you complete a successful resume, guaranteed to make a good impression on the admissions committee. Applying for a job in the US? This guide has the tips, examples and requirements you need to write the perfect US CV. Make yours today!

Como Fazer Um Cv Para Sua Candidatura A Pós Graduação No Exterior

In America, the term ‘resume’ is more common than ‘CV’ – the term actually refers to two different things. “CV” generally refers to a long and detailed document for academics and academic employment. Of course, this is not what you need when applying for a job in America – a simple two-page resume.

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Length: Generally, two pages are enough for your American CV. A one-page resume will do if you’ve graduated in recent years, and a three-page resume is acceptable for experienced job seekers, but beware – “The longer your resume, the less likely employers will see you.” the parts you want to see”, according to Alison Green in Ask a Manager. Unless you’re absolutely sure, keep it to two pages.

Language: Use standard English when writing an American CV. Leave out the extra U: it’s “color” and “work”, not “color” or “work”.

Como Fazer Um Resume Americano

CV or Resume: In the United States, the term ‘resume’ is more common than ‘CV’. A ‘CV’ usually refers to a longer academic document that contains more information than a regular resume. USA Resume Format, Order and Layout:

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Photo: In some cases, it is recommended that you do not include a picture of yourself with your resume. Your appearance does not match your skills and abilities, and including an image that disturbs the content of the resume and opens the door to discrimination – in fact, “Some companies will even reject a resume with a photo, just to avoid prosecution. , “According to Julie O’Malley. This golden rule has exceptions, however; Make sure you do your research before making a decision. If you’re applying for a more creative role – perhaps in film, graphic design or performing arts – a professional image can help you build your personal brand. Use discretion when deciding which CV images are appropriate for each application.

Personal Information: It is important to include your name, address, phone number and email address. You can also include links to LinkedIn or other social media, but only if you are confident that the profile will present you as professional and hireable. Make sure all online profiles are up-to-date and reflect your goals and professionalism.

Personal Summary: A summary of your qualifications separate from your work experience is optional, but for experienced job seekers, it’s a great way to provide a snapshot of your background and skills. According to Lily Zhang at The Muse, summary statements “are generally best left to more experienced practitioners with years of experience to join a common theme”. This section should be short and punchy – sell yourself in a small space.

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Work Experience: List your work experience in chronological order, with the most recent position at the top. When writing about your work experience, focus on your achievements rather than your responsibilities, highlighting quantifiable information where possible. Your work history should be tailored to the job you’re applying for – use job posting keywords, but only if you can back up your claim.

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Education: Your educational achievements should also be listed in chronological order. If you are a recent graduate, you can include your GPA, but only if it is high and only relevant to the job. As you have more work experience, your GPA becomes less important.

Skills: A list of skills is a great way to add to your work history. It’s an easy and readable way to give an idea of ​​what you’re doing.

Volunteer Experience: Relevant volunteer experience looks good on a resume. If your volunteer experience is particularly strong, you can include it in the work experience section.

Como Fazer Um Resume Americano

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