Common App Resume Upload 2021

Common App Resume Upload 2021 – Learn how to share your achievements in a clear way, with an example of the Common App Activities section

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Common App Resume Upload 2021

Common App Resume Upload 2021

Part 1: Overview of the Common Activities section Part 2: Writing strategies Part 3: Advanced strategies Part 4: Part 4: Common Activities Sample Application Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Which Resume Format Is Best?

In addition to the 650-word Common App Essay and the many supplemental college-specific essays your child must write, they will be required to complete the Common App Activities section when applying to college.

And is being done outside the classroom, offering one of the best opportunities to stand out among other applicants.

Without college essays and lists of extracurricular activities, colleges would be limited to grades, class rank, and ACT and SAT scores in making their admissions decisions. Since so many students apply to college each year, it’s important for your child to use the Activities section to develop an application theme—that is, to highlight its “factor” and its specialties.

Before we get into writing tips and sample extracurricular reports, let’s go over some basics of the Activities Section:

Notion Resume Template — A Sleek, Printable Solution

According to Common App, “activities may include arts, athletics, clubs, employment, personal commitments and other activities.” In other words, almost anything done outside the classroom qualifies as an activity.

As you can see, there is very limited space available for each activity, so we’ll be discussing how to get the most out of each entry below.

The name of the organization in the corresponding boxes. That way, your child can use the full 150 character limit for the activity description box.

Common App Resume Upload 2021

Continuing with the student council president for example: Instead of writing, “As student body president, I was responsible for…”, your child should write, “Responsible for carrying out agendas, liaise with administration, and implement school initiatives, for example free. textbooks for low-income families.”

Supplemental College Application Essays: How To Locate Them On The Common Application

Many applicants understate their achievements because they are not specific enough about their contributions. For example, instead of writing something like, “Organized food can help local families drive”, your child should write, “Collected over 10,000 cans and provided Thanksgiving meals to 500 families in a large area Cleveland.” With details like that, your child’s impact will be undeniable to admissions committees.

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Colleges understand that your child does not have enough space to describe each activity in depth. So instead of writing, for example, “At the hospital, I carried physically disabled patients in wheelchairs…”, your child should write, “Carried patients in wheelchairs, put meals and blankets on found, gathered gift baskets together, and attended large gatherings. “

For example, instead of, “I tutored seventh graders in science”, your child should write, “I help seventh graders master challenging science concepts.”

Activities listed earlier will be better remembered by admissions committees, so your child should lead with the most effective and memorable ones. Additionally, by catching the positive attention of admissions committees early on, they will review the rest of your child’s list of activities more favorably.

How To Fill Out The Common App Activities Section

Dr. Cal Newport popularized the concept of the failed simulation effect, which is defined as follows: “Achievements that are difficult to explain can be much more significant than achievements that are merely difficult to perform.” Therefore, within the description of each activity, your child should describe achievements that are more difficult to explain. For example, if your child blogs about mental health and has had the opportunity to meet with a local city councilor to develop a mental health awareness initiative in your county, they should mention that (see other examples in our published article on Team NBC Parent Tools). However, it is important to note that your child should never exaggerate extracurricular achievements and activities for the sake of intelligence.

College admissions committees look not only at activities your child has participated in over the past several years, but also at groups of related activities. For example, let’s compare the activities of the following pupils:

Student 2 clearly passes the simulation effect test he failed and shows significant impact and achievement through one area – basketball. On the other hand, Student 1 lists unrelated activities that make them seem accurate, but nothing particularly stands out. Together, Student 2’s activities will be more meaningful and look more meaningful than Student 1’s activities.

Common App Resume Upload 2021

Coded VR environments for various software prototypes, some of which were seen at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

First Year Student

Organize coding camps for middle and high school students from inner city Chicago whose schools do not offer computer science classes.

High school students were supported with all types of writing, including in-class assignments, AP exam essays, and school newspaper articles.

Host monthly speaking events with athletes, principals, etc. for 80 students from all over Chicago to help them find aspects of their purpose.

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In the example above, the student does a great job of ordering their activities in a hierarchical manner so that the most significant activities are at the top. Remember that colleges get a lot of applications, so you need to stand out early.

Letters Of Recommendation

In addition, their descriptions read like a resume, avoiding complete sentences and removing unnecessary phrases. This student also does a good job of showing commitment to their community through their activities.

Also, note that similar activities are grouped together. This gives colleges a good idea of ​​an applicant’s interests and what they could contribute to the campus community.

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions How is the Common App Activities section different from the University of California (UC) Activities section?

Common App Resume Upload 2021

Because the UC application allows more entries and a higher character count than the Common App, it is recommended that your child complete the UC Activities section first. Next, your child should choose their 10 most meaningful activities for the Common App and cut enough characters to get under the 150-character entry limit per Common application.

How To Write A Resume For College Applications

Summer programs, jobs and activities should be listed with your child’s rising grade. For example, if your child has already completed the 10th grade, they should list their activity with the 11th grade.

What if my child spends different amounts of time on an activity during the school year vs. during the summer?

Although in the past we have advised students in this situation to simply total the number of hours spent and list start and end dates, the current Common App format does not allow you to input this type of information. Therefore, we simply recommend that your child total up their hours and average them over the weeks they spent on an activity.

For example, if your child spent 5 hours a week volunteering at an organization for 30 weeks during the school year, plus 25 hours a week for 10 weeks during the summer, they should write that they volunteered for 10 hours a week for 40 weeks. Ideally, they should also enter relevant details in the report box to indicate how that time was distributed – for example, they might note that they took on additional responsibilities or more tasks intensity during the summer.

Common App Instructions: How To Add Colleges And More

Your child should count not only the time they spend doing an activity, but also the time spent preparing for and traveling to that activity. For example, if your child is a writing tutor and spends time reading and marking their tutors’ essays before sessions, that preparation time counts. Or, say your child is a varsity cross country athlete and often travels a few hours to attend meets on the weekend – they should include that travel time as well.

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Your child can select “Other Club/Activity” from the drop down menu and further describe the activity in the mailbox/leadership.

Not required. College admissions committees value long-term commitments to activities vs. a long list of activities that an applicant has spent less time and effort on. Optimize for quality, not quantity.

Common App Resume Upload 2021

What if my child has fewer activities because they spend a significant amount of time helping at home?

How To Apply For College

Not to worry. Colleges want to learn more about your child’s life outside the classroom, which is not limited to organized extracurriculars. In fact, if your child has a significant amount of responsibility at home, such as babysitting a sibling or taking care of household tasks such as cooking or cleaning (rather than casual work), this data can provide valuable context. to provide their academic. and extra-curricular records.

The Common Application makes it clear that family obligations can be listed in the Activities section, so your child should select “Family Responsibilities” from the drop-down menu and continue as usual.

There is a separate section on the Common Application that allows your child to list up to five honors and awards.

How can my child explain a major achievement or significant effort in an activity that cannot be covered in 150 characters?

What Documents Can Users Upload During Registration?

Your child can use the More Info section on Popular Apps to get more details about their most meaningful activities.

You can. However, make sure that the abbreviations are commonly known as adcoms that it is unlikely to take the time to look up the meaning of an abbreviation. For example, UCLA or NA is fine, but not an abbreviation for a high school debate club.


Common App Resume Upload 2021

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