Cloud Resume Challenge Github

Cloud Resume Challenge Github – Hello everyone. This is my first post and I’d like to share my experience with the resume challenge, not just one of the situations, but I’ve been learning a lot over the past few weeks and I’m really happy with it.

After getting a few AWS certifications during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was thinking of moving on to professional certifications. Meanwhile, the resume challenge is on my LinkedIn. It was almost the end of the challenge but I still wanted to try as the challenge was exciting.

Cloud Resume Challenge Github

Cloud Resume Challenge Github

I’ve always liked to see designs, so I made a simple construction sketch of what the end would look like.

How I Learnt Practical Skills In Aws With The Cloud Resume Challenge

Build a website to host your resume and number of visitors. Visit the Cloud Resume Challenge homepage for more information.

I completed my SAA in 2018 and recently completed my SysOps and Special Security. I am ready to start with the project.

I’ve seen a lot of web templates around, but I wanted to make a fresh start. I took some time and started writing in HTML and I wrote in CSS. I also used javascript to call the API and a bit of responsive design. I need to work more on responsive design but it seems good enough for now to get started. w3 schools are the best. I created the whole world by referring to it.

I used S3 to host the website with CloudFront for secure access (https) and static caching assets. I had to use a custom domain name for CloudFront distribution and Amazon Route 53 to use my domain. I was able to generate an SSL certificate for my domain using AWS Certificate Manager. There are different providers and ways to handle this but I decided to stick with AWS services.

David Lehrner Acg Azure Cloud Resume Challenge

One of the scenarios was to configure backend services using the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) template. I’ve completed a few AWS certs but haven’t really looked into SAM. I used CloudFormation and was thinking of using the same, but out of curiosity, I decided to look into SAM. It really saved a lot of time and configuration on the template. Within days, my template was ready to serve S3, API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB. Check out Chris’ blog for more details.

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As SAM supports CloudFormation tools, I decided to add CloudFront distribution as well as to the SAM template so that all the infrastructure and configuration are provided in one template.

I used GitHub Actions and created a workflow to check packages, install AWS CLI, download files to S3, and disable CloudFront cache when I push any changes to the repository.

Cloud Resume Challenge Github

I used another repository and set up GitHub Actions in the background. The workflow includes installing the required tools, running Python tests, and successful testing, SAM setup/updating infrastructure in AWS.

Free Software Developer Resume Sample

And finally, after working on this for a few weeks, I’m happy to see the serverless website I built.

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Sknaresh2000 regularly posts content that violates the community code of conduct 👩‍💻👨‍💻 because it is harassing, offensive or offensive. In the midst of the impending dread of graduation, I decided to look at a few things I could do and delve into them. Among these, I was lucky enough to get into cloud software and providers during my last internship at RevZilla.

While most of the production work was on the Google Cloud Platform, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to launch Jupiter Notebook from an EC2 instance of AWS. I had never touched AWS before, it was, to put it mildly, a nightmare.

Cloud Resume Challenge

But the brain works in mysterious ways, and the frustration and awe that followed made me want to study AWS more and more after that.

Fast forward to June 2020, I just graduated from my Masters, and I decided to start using Twitter a little more to keep up with the (sorry) world and state of my favorite technology.

I signed up for my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and freeCodeCamp released a series of complete videos by Andrew Brown on how to prepare for the AWS exam. The hashtag #AWSCertified attracted me and, after passing my CCP, I began actively tweeting about my cloud journey and being retweeted by the #100DaysOfCloud bot.

Cloud Resume Challenge Github

End-to-end deployment of a number of AWS services, all while learning how to correctly set up Serverless applications, CI/CD pipelines, networking, security and more.

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Sprint Through The Cloud Resume Challenge

The first requirement of the challenge was to pass the CCP exam, and with that already under my belt, I decided to jump on it.

July 1st was the first day of my challenge, and this is the story of what I learned.

The challenge starts with the HTML/CSS version of your resume. I have had a lot of experience programming between Python and C++, working on Machine Learning and Data Science applications.

At the beginning of detention, in the last quarter of my degree, I decided that it was time to expand my knowledge of software engineering and I decided to take the MERN stack.

How Can I Take The Coding Challenge?

While I didn’t touch the MEN portion of the stack for this challenge, React came in handy as I decided to use Gatsby.js to create a static site. I built the entire front end in one coffee-filled all-nighter due to excitement and insomnia. TailwindCSS is my favorite CSS framework to date and makes it incredibly easy to build a responsive, mobile-first interface. I’m no UI/UX expert (or arteur, or novice…) but for the challenge it fit the bill.

Once I built the web page, I needed to host it somewhere to make it publicly accessible. The good folks at AWS have blessed us with Amazon Simple Storage (S3) and its hosting capabilities.

Nobody likes long URLs, so the next step was to buy a custom domain from Route 53 and get an SSL certificate from Amazon’s Certificate Manager. All content is served by CloudFront, AWS’s CDN and is secured by using Origin Access Identity (OAI). Setting up an S3 bucket as a source was easy, but correctly setting up a DNS router was definitely more difficult.

Cloud Resume Challenge Github

I used GitHub as my version control repository and created a CI workflow with GitHub Actions to build my Gatsby site and upload it to the correct S3 bucket via push.

Build Something Real

Welcome to the beginning of my rabbit hell! The next step was to create a simple guest counter using the REST API calls made in the API Gateway, which will trigger a Lambda function that updates and returns the counter stored in the DynamoDB table.

While SAM does indeed centralize serverless stacks into a single facility, which is certainly easier to track and manage, the existing documentation for…

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SAM templates change to CloudFormation templates, another AWS Service that deserves a certificate in itself and there are not many good tools about how to go from Level 1 to Level 10, as they think everyone is already at Level 11.

Fortunately, Cloud Resume Challenge community member Chris Nagy recently posted a very nice personal version of a simple SAM application. It’s so human-friendly, in fact, that Jeff Barr of AWS posted it on his Twitter feed.

The Cloud Resume Challenge, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Cloud

After banging my head around the SAM template for a few days I was able to have a working application that delivers the right services in the right way.

For the Lambda function, I used Python 3.8 and Boto3, its AWS SDK. The function updates the DynamoDB table and returns a CORS generated response that my frontend will be able to retrieve and use. Everything was tested using pytest and the moto package mockup service.

I built my own custom CI/CD pipeline that creates a Python environment, gives me system access to AWS services, tests my Lambda functions and deploys a SAM stack, also using GitHub as my hosting service for my repo and GitHub actions. An obvious, but often important thing to remember is to use GitHub Secrets instead of creating or hard-coding your AWS credentials into code.

Cloud Resume Challenge Github

Finally I updated my frontend with a new component, VisitorsCounter, which makes a POST request to the appropriate API Gateway endpoint and displays the counter at the bottom of the page.

The Cloud Resume Challenge

I really enjoyed this challenge and was able to learn a lot from all the deep dives into the documentation, StackOverflow posts and the AWS subreddit.

However, I would be a liar if I didn’t mention the incredible support received from the Cloud Resume Challenge community and Discord channel. I would like to thank Forrest for the initiative, as I believe that, by bringing together many driven and dedicated people, he has achieved twice as much as he had hoped to achieve.

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