Chrono Functional Resume Template

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There are several basic types of resumes you can use to apply for job openings. You can choose to write a chronological, functional, portfolio or targeted resume. Each resume type serves a different purpose. Therefore, you must consider your current employment situation when deciding which type of resume to use.

Chrono Functional Resume Template

Chrono Functional Resume Template

A chronological resume lists your work history first, with recent job titles listed first. Below your most recent job, you list your other jobs in reverse chronological order.

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Employers often prefer this type of resume because it’s easy to see what jobs you’ve held and when you’ve worked. This is the most common type of resume.

This type of resume is ideal for job seekers with a strong, solid work history. If you’re starting your career, or you’re changing career fields, you might consider using a different resume type.​

A functional resume focuses on your skills and experience rather than chronological work history. Your resume may not have a “work history” section at the top, but a “professional experience” or “achievements” section listing the various skills you’ve developed over the years.

Functional resumes also sometimes include a resume summary or title at the top detailing a person’s skills and accomplishments. A functional resume may not include a person’s work history at all, or may have a concise list of work history at the bottom of the resume.

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Functional resumes are most often used for people who are changing careers or who have gaps in their work history. It is also useful for those who are new to the workforce, have limited work experience, or have gaps in employment.

A combined resume is a mix between a chronological resume and a functional resume. At the top of a resume is a list of a person’s skills and qualifications. Below is a chronological job history. However, work history is not the focus of a resume and usually doesn’t take up much space on a resume.

With this type of resume, you can highlight skills relevant to the job you’re applying for and provide your work history in chronological order. After all, most employers will want to see your chronological work history, even if it’s not very extensive.

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Chrono Functional Resume Template

This kind of resume can help you highlight why you’re the best fit for the job, while still giving the employer all the information he or she wants.

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An infographic resume includes graphic design elements in addition to or in place of text. Whereas traditional resumes use text to list a candidate’s work experience, education, and skills, infographic resumes use layout, color, design, formatting, icons, and font styles to organize content.

A Robert Half survey reports that 78% of employers prefer a traditional resume to an infographic, even for creative roles.

A resume with a profile section includes a concise summary of the applicant’s skills, experience, and goals related to a specific job. This summary (usually no more than a few sentences) helps candidates “sell” themselves to the company they’re applying to.

Adding a profile helps almost all applicants. If you have extensive experience, the profile can explain that experience concisely to the hiring manager right away. If you have limited work experience, a profile can help you highlight the skills you have.

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You can also add a title to your resume, which is a short phrase that summarizes why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

A targeted resume is a customized resume that specifically highlights the experience and skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Writing a targeted resume takes more work than clicking through to apply for an existing resume. However, the effort is worth it, especially when applying for jobs that perfectly match your qualifications and experience.

Try to write a targeted resume for each job. Employers can easily see when you’re submitting a generic resume, rather than thinking about why you’re qualified for that particular job.

Chrono Functional Resume Template

A non-traditional resume is a unique version of your resume that may include photos, graphs, images, charts, and other visuals. As mentioned above, it could be an online resume or a physical resume with infographics. It can also be a video or a resume on a social networking site.

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Non-traditional resumes are great for people in creative fields who want to showcase their ability to create visually appealing designs or create web pages. For job seekers, this can be a great way to stand out in industries like design, web design, journalism, and more.

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Amini-resume contains a short summary of your career highlights and qualifications. It only contains information relevant to the position you are applying for or the industry you want to work in.

In most cases, your traditional resume will be suitable. But a mini resume can be useful at a career fair or career networking event when you’re meeting many people and want to leave them with more than just a business card. You can also use a mini resume when you’re building a network and want your contacts to pass your message on to a hiring manager or recruiter.

By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to the storage of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage and assist with our marketing efforts. A chronological resume – also known as a “reverse chronological resume” – is the most popular resume format.

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Particularly suitable for those with extensive work experience, a chronological resume prioritizes your work experience and achievements, from most recent to most recent.

A chronological resume lists your work experience and achievements from your current or most recent start, and follows up on previous jobs below.

It is for this reason that a chronological resume is perfect for job seekers with a wealth of experience and accomplishments.

Chrono Functional Resume Template

Why? Well, since you’re applying for a job, work experience on your resume will be the first thing recruiters look for.

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But don’t worry, you can arrange your resume in chronological order, even for recent graduates. Alternatively, you can choose other popular formats that are more suitable for your profile.

A chronological resume follows a simple structure. The only thing to remember is that your current or recent experience—whether professional or educational—comes first.

If you’re a recent college graduate and want to structure your resume in a time-structured format, you can still.

All you have to do is rearrange the order of the resume sections so that the education resume section comes first.

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Here, too, make sure your education entries are listed from most recent to most recent, and you’re good to go!

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If reading this article already seems too complicated and time-consuming, try Novorésumé Online Resume Builder. Novorésumé offers 8+ free resume templates with chronological resume structures.

The three main types of resume formats are chronological, function/skill based resume formats, and a combination of the two. What you choose to use depends on the type of job you are applying for and your level of experience.

Chrono Functional Resume Template

In most cases, the obvious choice is a chronological resume. It’s so common that it only highlights the correct sections and recruiters prefer it over other formats.

Functional Resume: Everything You Need To Know

Still, that doesn’t mean you should cross other options off the list, especially if you don’t have much work experience.

Below, you’ll find 5 chronological resume templates among the many free resume templates. Dig deeper to find the best match for you.

Now that we’ve mentioned the traditional structure, let’s go through each section one by one to create the perfect chronological resume.

Depending on the template you choose for your chronological resume, your name may follow your job title directly at the top.

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How do you fill in your job title in a chronological resume format? simple. If you are not planning to change career paths, your title should be your current title.

However, if you are changing career paths, then opting for the combination resume above may be a better option for you.

Regarding the rest of the contact information section in your chronological resume, it should be up to date and free of any spelling errors. Mandatory elements of the information section include:

Chrono Functional Resume Template

The second resume in chronological order is your “profile” as a candidate, expressed through a resume summary or resume objective.

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Well, the abstract is a short (2-3 sentence) overview of your career so far, and it’s used in 90% of resumes — especially those with two or more years of work experience. Abstract is great for

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