Changing Light Bulb Resume

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Changing Light Bulb Resume

Changing Light Bulb Resume

Originally from Troy, Ohio, Ray Crist is a connoisseur of text-based adventures, a lover of horror movies, and an enthusiastic but average cook. An editor since 2013, Ry covers smart home technology, lighting, home appliances and home networking.

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Smart home gadgets are everywhere, and one of the easiest ways to make the transition is to have smart lights that you can control and automate—via voice commands or a smartphone or other smart device. If you’re in the market to try a smart light bulb or smart switch and leave your old lights behind, you’ll have more shopping options than ever. In addition, increased competition means that there are many affordable options to choose from.

How affordable? Inexpensive white light smart bulbs for under $10, color changing bulbs for under $15 apiece, solar powered outdoor smart lights for as low as $35, and a whole smart lighting system with dimmed smart you can build. light switches and new lighting accessories under $50 each. Ready to wander a little? Clever statements from names like Nanoleaf promise to cover your walls in color too.

The smart light bulb bumper got a lot more crowded in November, when GE and Cree Lighting’s centerless lights hit stores. In Cree Lighting’s case, that includes color-changing bulbs for just $10 and a 100-watt extra-bright replacement version for $13.

All of these options mean you’ll have a lot of products to sort through when you’re ready to upgrade your smart home system with smart lights — and here I am. Will it be LED smart lights, wall panels, tape? lights, smart light, smart switches, bluetooth bulbs or accessories, I have tried many of them. Here are my updated top recommendations.

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It turns out that the cheapest smart bulb is one of the best smart lights. I’m talking about the Wyze Bulb from Seattle-based startup Wyze Labs, which you can get directly from the company’s website for about $11 each plus shipping. With Wi-Fi radios built into each light bulb, you don’t need to connect additional hub hardware to your router to use them or connect them to voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (or IFTTT). Just screw them in, turn them on, connect them to the Wyze mobile app, and enjoy the glow of affordable smart lighting.

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Besides being ridiculously cheap, these things are also pretty good bulbs. For starters, each offers a full spectrum of white-light color temperature settings, from a warm, candle-like 2,700K to warmer, whiter daylight tones approaching 6,000K. You’d be hard-pressed to find another smart bulb that does this for under $20, let alone $10. Additionally, the Wyze bulbs are among the brightest I’ve tested, ranging from 880 to 921 lumens depending on what color temperature you set them to.

The only downside: The Wyze app offers lighting timers and a sleep mode, but the app shortcuts you use to schedule light changes at specific times feel a bit limited. No wonder — you can schedule automatic lighting changes using Alexa or the Google Assistant app (or IFTTT).

Changing Light Bulb Resume

If you want something a little more advanced than a Wyze bulb, consider using Philips Hue LED bulbs. At $15 each, Philips’ Hue White LED bulbs are a lot cheaper than you might expect, and the latest Bluetooth versions of Philips Hue bulbs connect directly to Alexa or Google Assistant without the need for a Hue Bridge possible The same goes for the Lifx Mini White LED, which works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and IFTTT. At the time of this writing, it’s only $13 on Amazon.

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Want something more decorative? Hue has started releasing vintage-style LED Hue White bulbs with fake filaments wrapped inside (you’ve probably seen bulbs like these at your local hipster dive bar). They will be a good choice for installing spotlights that do not hide the light source under the lampshade.

If you prefer Google Assistant, it’s better to use the C by GE smart bulb. Maker GE Lighting is a Made for Google partner, and its LED smart bulbs are designed to seamlessly connect to the Google Home smart speaker and Google Nest Hub smart display. You don’t need a hub, and you don’t even need GE’s smartphone or tablet app — turn on the LED lights and sync them to your setup via the Google Home app. From there, you’ll enjoy the fastest and most responsive voice control we’ve ever tested.

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There aren’t many smart projectors like the classic, A-shaped smart LED bulbs, but your options are growing. This includes a very important new addition from Philips Hue, which recently released a projector version of the popular Hue White smart LED bulb described above.

I like the Philips Hue White projector for the same reasons I like regular sized bulbs. It’s bright, this LED smart bulb is efficient, it’s affordable — and it’s part of a really good smart lighting platform that works with everything. Like Hue’s other new bulbs, the new projector uses Bluetooth and Zigbee, so you can connect directly to your smartphone or Amazon Alexa or Google via the Hue Bridge. you can if you want.

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If you’re an Amazon Alexa user looking for something affordable, then Sengled leads the way with a smart projector that can pair directly with an Echo Plus or Echo Show — if you don’t already have one, you’ll need one. A single hub is connected to a router. You can find these lamps in a two-pack on Amazon for $18.

Sengled also makes color-changing projectors (and apparently, so does Philips Hue). But if it’s a color bulb you want, I’d say Lifx, an Australian startup that regularly tests our color quality, with bold, bright shades that look great. All of the company’s lights use your Wi-Fi network to talk directly to your router so they don’t need a hub, they come with an excellent, full-featured app, and they’re compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant (and). IFTTT) out of the box.

The Lifx Color Changing Projector is $54 on Amazon. It’s not cheap, but the Lifx projectors are also several hundred lumens brighter at their highest settings than any competitor we’ve tested. Combine that with color quality and you’re looking at a pretty decent upgrade.

Changing Light Bulb Resume

That being said, if you’re looking to add some smart color to your home’s lighting systems, I think Lifx lights should be at the top of your list. The brand sells a variety of lamps and smart lights, all of which are bright, cool-looking, and all of which require absolutely no communication with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

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At $34 each, the Lifx Mini is a bit of a bargain compared to some of the newer, cheaper smart bulbs we’ve been seeing lately, but if you care about bright, vibrant colors, it’s still a great option. Despite the Mini branding, it’s actually brighter than Philips Hue’s color-changing bulb, and the colors look stunning and true-to-life, outperforming all the competition we’ve tested so far. The full-featured app is also a bright spot, with easy-to-use color dials for easy control of your lights and lots of nice additions like animated effects and automatic scheduling, Day and Night mode.

Lifx gives it great value for money, but overall, Philips Hue still boasts the best smart lighting platform money can buy. If that’s more important to you than Lifx’s bump in brightness and color quality, then the Philips Hue bulb is worth the extra money. The latest color-changing Hue bulbs with Bluetooth radios that allow you to use them without a Hue Bridge retail for $45 per bulb, but you can save $10 if you buy the $80 two-pack.

If you’re just controlling your home’s lights with Alexa or the Google Home app, the strengths of the Lifx and Philips Hue platforms aren’t that important — and you can buy something cheaper. Still, I like the Sengled bulbs for working with Alexa and the C by GE bulbs for working with Google Assistant. Each brand offers color-changing smart bulbs for around $25 a piece. If you really want a bargain, check out the Philips Wiz Connected LED. At just $13 each, it’s one of the cheapest color-changing bulbs money can buy.

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