Certified Professional Resume Writer

Certified Professional Resume Writer – If you’re one of the 38.6 million people who have filed for unemployment since March, you know the stress and difficulty of finding work during a pandemic.

At Bonnie Career Services, we hear from people who have been out of the job market for a long time, or even if you’re a professional writer who doesn’t know how to handle gaps, vacations, or sick days. advantages that 2020 gave us.

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Whatever your unique circumstances, now more than ever, a certified professional can help you craft your next resume that sets you up for job search success.

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How to stand out in the sea of ​​applicants? It’s hard these days. There are so many talented people entering the job market, looking for the same positions and hiring companies, so we want to make sure you’re not just another application.

As Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs), we know what hiring managers are looking for and how they process applicants through their Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We’ll work to give you that competitive edge with personalized content and a unique approach.

When you work with CPRW, we’ll work together to write and design your resumes to make them shine above the rest! How do we do it? First, we’ll create custom tools like these that highlight your strengths:

As a CPRW, we help you articulate the value you offer to an employer. We’ll create a personalized resume by asking targeted questions that focus on the strengths that make you stand out from the crowd.

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Together we can determine the ROI you will provide to a new employer and answer these important questions:

These questions will help you create the perfect resume for your dream job, so it becomes clear why you are the most qualified and talented candidate.

Remember: a masterful resume is not beneficial to either the employer or the recruiter. It doesn’t provide any unique value to answer why YOU are the perfect candidate.

Certified Professional Resume Writer

The first impression is everything! Are you using a Microsoft Word resume template? If so, you probably look just like the other resumes that a hiring manager or recruiter looks at day in and day out.

Resume Writing Workshop

Bonnie Career Services will help you create a modern, personalized resume that is uniquely you!

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Do you use any of them or already some? We’ll work together to create the perfect combination of these tools, so once you find the perfect job, you’ll be on track to get it!

It is not uncommon for job seekers to experience disappointment or even humiliation (for example, if they receive a “rejection” letter) in the job search process. During this pandemic, finding a job can add to the uncertainty.

That’s why a certified professional resume writer is the perfect addition to your career search toolkit. In the process of writing your resume, you will gain more confidence because you will reveal all the strengths that you have to offer a potential employer.

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You will be able to better articulate your value and therefore better interview and ask better questions. A certified resume writer is ready to position you positively despite potential setbacks such as job search fatigue, rising unemployment, and other challenges caused by the pandemic.

We assure you that your experience and work history can and will make for a compelling story, so you can start seeing yourself as the right fit for the job!

Just like you go to the doctor when you’re sick or the auto mechanic when your car breaks down, consider working with a certified professional resume writer to get your job search back on track!

Certified Professional Resume Writer

You need someone on your side to connect the value you offer with what companies need. This is what career professionals do. Professionalism and certification go hand in hand.

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As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, we will complete the Comprehensive Certified Professional Resume Writer Program, the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) certification.

PARW/CC is a professional resume writing and career coaching association with over 2,000 members and they offer four career management certifications.

Your CPRW also has support, encouragement and resources from PARW/CC members and other CPRWs through LinkedIn groups.

Whether you’re new to the job search or a job seeker who hasn’t yet found the right job for you, a resume writer can be just what you need to take it to the next level. Don’t let COVID-19 get you down. There are still opportunities that we will find for you together.

Create A Winning Resume Workshop

If you want to know more about how to use my services, check out my [insert contact page here].

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Working together, we can move your life and the lives of your families to a better place for years to come.

If you’re looking to update your resume, schedule a free career interview and let us help you get on the path to achieving your career goals! There are actors… and then there’s Robert De Niro. There are cars…and then there’s Rolls-Royce. There are rock ‘n’ roll bands… and then there’s The Rolling Stones.

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Becoming a CMRW means you are among the best of the best. That you are a star in the resume writing industry.

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As one of a select group of elite resume writers, your portfolio stands out for its innovation, sophisticated formatting that captures the reader’s attention, and a commanding command of language that turns every bullet point into an unfolding story… a revelation for the reader and a triumph for your clients.

Certified master resume writers have proven themselves by providing portfolios of work that have been evaluated by CMRW peers. Professionals who are themselves TORI award winners and global industry leaders.

Clients looking for proven talent are looking for you. Executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and industry gurus aren’t looking for a standard resume. They are looking for a professional to create value propositions and shape the vision. A professional who has business acumen, is great with words and can build a compelling case for employment in a dog-eat-dog world.

Are you a professional? See what you can do to make your mark on the world. Become one of CDI’s elite contributors here.

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You must already have a recognized resume certification (eg CARW, MRW, NCRW, CPRW, CMRS, CRS, MCRS, ACRW).

2. Seven (7) professional resumes, one (1) ATS-friendly resume, and two (2) sample cover letters along with a brief description for each of (a) project situation/problem, (b) explanation of choices for document style and inclusion information and (c) job search results (if known). Preferred topics include*:

Once received, the materials of your application will be transferred to the members of the certification commission for review, analysis and approval.

Certified Professional Resume Writer

This review and evaluation period is 4-6 weeks, after which you will be notified of the final status of your application. Portfolios that do not meet CMRW’s credential standards will be consulted on an individual basis to determine appropriate remedial steps.

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Hire A Certified Professional Resume Writer For The Best Resume

If more than one additional submission (recognized as a second portfolio) is required to fulfill the needs of the CMRW accreditation process, an additional processing fee of $95 will apply.

Once approved by the committee, you will be awarded the CMRW designation, which will include print and web use of the logo, a sample press release, and a certificate.

The CMRW process allows you to continue as long as you need within one calendar year of registration. However, it will take a very short period of time to collect most of the required elements, as it is primarily an administrative record-keeping process. Please note that you must have an active CDI membership to complete this certification.

Check out the top 10 reasons why you need a CDI Certified Resume Writer and see why job seekers choose to work with CDI Certified Resume Writers. Read now >>

Certified Professional Resume Writers

I am sure that my CMRW has strengthened my reputation with my clients. By promoting my experience with CMRW, I can get higher and higher prices and I have the enviable opportunity to choose who I want to work with. In addition, CMRW has definitely enhanced my reputation in the industry among my peers.

Anyone who wants to earn more dollars and wants to develop their experience should just stick with it. Some associations only have one account – not for me! Branding my business is about striving for perfection.

I don’t want to go into comparing certifications from different associations, but let’s just say that I prefer to apply the Goldilocks philosophy. Some are time-consuming and expensive, some don’t exist, and others are just right! I would put CMRW in the Just Right category!

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Most of my clients realize that the resume writing market can vary greatly in quality. When they shop, they’re looking for confirmation that their hard-earned investment will lead to quality

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