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You’re looking for a career coach, LinkedIn coach, or executive resume writer and you come across the article “Top 10 Career Coaches,” “Top 10 LinkedIn Coaches,” or “Top 10 Executive Resume Writers.” How do you check these top lists? What Is Fact And Opinion About Internet Marketing? How do you choose a quality career coach or executive resume writer?

Career Coach And Resume Writer

Career Coach And Resume Writer

Here are three things to keep in mind when reading these top lists and choosing a professional:

How To Vet Top Career Coach And Professional Resume Writer Lists (and The Coaches Themselves)

The main factor when considering this Top 10 list is the original author of the article. If the author himself is listed, the article and the source can be reviewed immediately. There is a significant difference between third-party articles from Fortune 500 companies and self-published articles used for self-promotion.

I have joined several lists. Some of these were legitimate, while others were created by other trainers who were trying to use my social media to expand their online reach.

Also, if you see someone marketing that they’re on a list, double check the original list they claim to have. I’ve seen too many people claim to be a “LinkedIn Top Voice” partner, the platform’s highest honor in 2019, but nowhere on the list. This is untrue, unethical and misleading. As a potential client, you should do your due diligence.

In my experience, fake testimonials are common in the coaching and resume writing industries. Ask a prospective coach or professional resume writer for verifiable reviews. I ask clients to submit all my testimonials on LinkedIn. This is because prospective clients can verify their legitimacy by viewing client profiles.

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Looking at LinkedIn reviews is a good start to vetting a coach or resume writer, but that’s just the first step. Look for verifiable testimonials from past clients that reflect your experience and career trajectory. In addition, you should confirm that these testimonials are from real clients, trainers are simply exchanging testimonials with each other to create a false sense of authority and expertise. If a career professional only has testimonials from fellow coaches, think twice before partnering with them in career development and continue writing the draft.

Finally, working with a coach one-on-one is much different than taking a massive online course or following someone on social media. Many coaches fraudulently sell the success of job seekers who have never coached one-on-one. Make sure that the success stories and testimonials you read are from individual clients, not participants in a free email course or online webinar.

Many career coaches and resume writers focus on empty metrics like content views and social media followers. Sharing valuable thought leadership content that gets millions of views and thousands of followers shows commitment to digital marketing, but it doesn’t equate to being an effective coach. As a job seeker, a coach’s views and followers won’t get you a job at Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Google, or any other top tech company.

Career Coach And Resume Writer

Dive deeper with your research. Pay attention to important indicators. How many clients has the trainer worked with? Where have their clients been employed? Does the coach’s previous clients’ achievements match the results you want? These are the questions you should ask when you do your research.

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If your prospective coach or resume writer doesn’t have a verifiable success story backed by testimonials from past clients, be careful. Be especially careful if they repeatedly share unregistered anonymous emails, messages, and texts to specific clients that you can verify. While not all clients are ready to announce that they’ve worked with a career coach, life coach, or executive resume writer, an established professional will have a list of credible, verifiable testimonials to complement their client’s success stories.

With these elements in mind, you can now confidently check out the best career coach, LinkedIn coach, and professional resume writer lists and the people who appear on them. There you have it!podcast, I talk with one of my favorite teaching career coaching team members, Allison Arney, about resume writing teacher skills to help you transition. Allison brings incredible knowledge to the teacher career coaching community with over a decade of experience in the world of recruiting, resume writing and organizational development. It provides insight into the deep inner workings of everything from the applicant tracking system to resume formatting. It even reveals what goes on in a hiring manager’s mind when creating a job, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring for a position. If you’re ready to learn the steps you need to write a strong transition teacher resume, be sure to follow along. You might want to get a pen and paper for this.

✨Formatting and terminology play an important role in writing a successful resume that gets through applicant tracking systems and into the hands of the recruiter or hiring manager.

✨The language and keywords you want to use will vary from job to job and industry to industry. Categorize your ideal job to save time as you complete each resume.

Professional Association Of Resume Writers And Career Coaches

✨Use job descriptions as a tool. Once you’ve identified areas where you can transfer your skills and experience, you have everything you need to make that transition.

✨You can transfer a skill set on your resume, but you can’t transfer a field or program you haven’t been in or used before.

✨Translating your skills requires confidence and thinking outside the box. You may have the skills; you are used to calling it something else.

Career Coach And Resume Writer

✨When it comes to getting resume writing advice, do your research and check your sources to make sure they understand the position and industry you’re applying for.

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Dafna: Ally, you have been my right hand from the first day. I’m sure the Teacher Career Coach participants will know your background, but for the listeners who don’t, this will be their first introduction. I want them to hear your compelling story and history, so can you let the audience know who you are and why you’re here today?

Allison: I went to college for psychology and majored in HR. Although it is well connected, it is not directly connected. I was exposed to an environment that allowed me to have a lot of exposure to organizational development, recruitment, all HR training and the strategic parts of it. I gained a comprehensive understanding of what hiring managers are looking for and what organizations need in their culture. Additionally, I learned how to combine the two by editing resumes and training candidates to meet their needs in a way that would land them a job.

I was able to see this process from different angles and from different fields. It is a very good combination of knowledge and experience. I’ve found myself in the world of hiring and leasing, and I’m enjoying it. I’ve written over 10,000 resumes in just over a decade and worked with countless candidates to position their resumes in a way that allowed them to take the next step.

Daphne: This is how our paths originally crossed. I created the first iteration of the Teaching Career Coaching Course in 2018 and knew that members would need support to apply their resumes and experience in a new field. I didn’t feel comfortable being an expert on this subject. Sure, I could talk about my experience and what helped me get my next position, but I knew that wasn’t enough to get the level of value I wanted.

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Changing careers is a big part of anyone’s life. I wanted to make sure I had someone with industry knowledge to help me with this component. So we really started working together.

Allison: It’s been a huge blessing for me because I love being a part of this journey. I am so grateful that you brought me into this job and gave me the opportunity to be a part of the course and this community, because it is exciting and rewarding to watch these teachers grow in confidence and advance to new positions. I know you feel the same way, so it was really cool.

Daphne: So let’s start with the biggest questions people have. One of the first things that comes to mind is: What is the biggest mistake teachers make when presenting their resume? I have my own ideas, but I’d love to hear yours.

Career Coach And Resume Writer

Allison: I would say formatting. Often teachers of the format choose their creative side or model for the teacher. Teachers have the ability to make documents really beautiful and very aesthetic, so people want to engage with them. Unfortunately, this does not apply to creative applicant tracking systems. So, I think again Barney Matthews

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