Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume

Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume – Often, we may find ourselves torn to shreds as to whether or not something is relevant enough to place on our resume. However, as a certain Emperor named Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.”

There is a lot of truth in that and if the experience you have while working as an independent contractor with DoorDash is relevant, then, by all means, add it to your resume.

Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume

Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume

The main part of a good resume is the intangibles. In other words, something that is not directly related to the type of job the employer is seeking or relevant experience.

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What we mean by that is that employers can give you an edge because you are reliable, punctual, have a good work ethic, etc. As a Door Dasher, you receive ratings, and those ratings will definitely make their way onto your resume.

Old school resume types have long found their way out the door in favor of numbered points and bullets, short sentences, and a critical focus on your best attributes, accomplishments, and experiences. This is how you will highlight DoorDash on your resume. They have to be fast, like snippets of reading. You want to pack as much information as possible into as few sentences as possible. Employers have a lot of information to go through, and the last thing they want is to read a novel first thing in the morning. Chances are, your resume is one of hundreds of potential ones. You want it to stand out and also be pleasing to the eye. You want your DoorDash information to be there, but it has to be short, concise, and has to stand out.

Bold statements grab attention and ensure that the information underneath will at least be skipped. If it’s important to you and relevant to your work ethic and work you’re trying to get, bold the title. Bullet points break down large, important information into small, easy-to-read bullet points. No one wants to read a huge body of information detailing every aspect of your DoorDash journey. You want to have a short paragraph detailing your DoorDash experience. You will only want to include the information in this paragraph that you think is most relevant or closest to what is relevant in terms of the type of work you are seeking. Keep it short and sweet. As a DoorDash driver, you are also a DoorDash representative. How you do your job shows many aspects of your time with DoorDash, including potential marketing skills. You should highlight things like:

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Punctuality is relevant, regardless of your type of work. Employers want to know that they can depend on you and that you’ll be where you need to be on time, and that’s where your DoorDash rankings come in. A high rating is an indicator of everything listed in the points above. Online resumes make it easy to link to these. However, if you are submitting a physical resume, be sure to link to your DoorDash profile. Better yet, create a LinkedIn profile with all your important DoorDash credentials filled in. Linking to those profiles gives more credence to your professionalism because Linking is very important in professional work, the social spectrum.

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The only definition that should be applied to the word “job” is anything you do—such as lending your time, talent, and expertise—in exchange for payment for your services. So, of course, DoorDash is definitely a job.

If you take advantage of the professional aspect of your time with DoorDash, you can leverage it so that it blends into the professional aspect of your resume.

You are an independent contractor, and as such, your resume reflects that part of your work ethic that a typical 9 – 5 job cannot match.

Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume

As an independent contractor, you’ll need to create your own invoices, maintain your own filing system, have a good understanding of certain software on computers—especially Microsoft excel—and file your taxes. These things are important, and they definitely stand out on a resume.

Never Put These Things On Your Résumé

Technically, in terms of employment history, it doesn’t really count as “employment history”. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it on your resume that way.

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DoorDash is considered a gig platform, but that doesn’t mean that it has no relevance in terms of what you’ve accomplished and what you can list on your resume.

It also helps that the gig economy explodes, and desperate employers are desperate to hire people. With the gig economy on the rise and employers becoming increasingly desperate to hire more workers, your gig history on your resume is more important than you think.

In the new, modern and growing gig economy, DoorDash definitely has a place on your resume. There are many positive points you can use regarding your DoorDash.

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Money management is an unavoidable aspect of freelancing or independent contracts. You’ll need to do invoices, spreadsheets, inventory, and keep track of the percentages set aside for taxes. You also make a deletion with your purchase.

Money management skills are in high demand, and it’s an aspect of your resume that potential employers will be interested in.

Scheduling and punctuality demonstrate initiative, management and organizational skills. These skills are more important than ever in a time where everything is fast-paced. Information is always on the fly, and expediency skills are required, regardless of how closely the job applies to your DoorDash credentials.

Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume

Customer service and your ranking on DoorDash should be the biggest highlights of your resume. This is especially true for quick and easy-to-read resumes where so much information is implied in one 5-star rating.

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Your professional achievements are also important to list, no matter how relevant they are. This shows that your work is highly valued and that you are an outstanding worker. Professional achievements should always have a place on your resume.

The best way to convey this information on a resume is to link to it. If it is not possible for the employer to get your full work experience on your DoorDash profile, then you should collect that information elsewhere and link to it. This way, you don’t have to cram everything on your resume.

DoorDash isn’t something you have to worry about placing your resume on, and there’s no shame in it. In terms of work experience, it is as relevant as a regular job, 9 – 5 jobs.

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In fact, in many ways, there is much more to a DoorDash resume, simply because being self-employed puts more responsibility on your shoulders. It speaks volumes and makes you stand out in the burgeoning gig economy. It may not be an open road for long haul trucks, but driving a truck on a delivery route is a job with many advantages if you have driving skills and a mind for logistics. This is a detail-oriented job that can help you develop customer service and logistics skills that will serve you well, whether you want to remain a driver or move into another job or field.

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Let’s take a look at the three different types of drivers (food delivery, package delivery, and delivery drivers looking to transition into managerial roles) and what their resumes look like.

Experienced drivers with excellent customer service skills and an outstanding on-time delivery record. Strong focus on brand and customer development through delivery of high quality food.

Food Delivery Driver

Can You Put Doordash On Your Resume

Delivery Driver

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“With fast delivery and a friendly smile, Kevin is one of the main reasons I keep Pizza World at the top of my takeout rotation.”—FoodShoutz user PizzaDude918

“Couldn’t ask for better delivery than the one I received from Pizza World. My food is fresh, hot and fast every time!”—FoodShoutz user amyB

As he worked on his resume, Kevin knew that his greatest asset was his great customer service record, so he made sure to play it up at every point in the resume. He only had a few years of experience, so he started by showcasing his skills, setting up a narrative with titles, summaries, and bullets. For his work experience, he focuses on his efficiency and skills, using bullets to play the skills he highlighted above. Kevin also customized his resume even further by adding live customer feedback. This isn’t an essential part of a resume, but if you have specific compliments you can share, especially when you work in a public-facing job, adding a blurb or two can really help emphasize your professional skills.

Andie has a few things on his resume: he has a special license that is important in his field and a long, solid driving history. He used the summary of “core competencies” in

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