Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume

Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume – SmartOnlineWork is an online copywriting website. There are very few application criteria and you must register as a member to get started.

Before we start analyzing whether this particular website is real or fake, I want to point out that online copycats are a scam as old as the internet itself. They prey on students, housewives, the unemployed and the elderly, as the jobs require no qualifications and promise to provide care for the wage earner. The catch is that you have to pay a “registration fee”. Once you’ve done this, they’ll either make excuses not to pay you or disappear altogether. If this were true, I’m sure some software engineer could make money creating a copy script.

Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume

Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume

Research shows that most of SmartOnlineWork’s traffic comes from paid ads on google targeting keywords like “how to make money online”, “make money online in india” and “part time work from home”. These ads have been running since October 2019 and are earning £45,000,000 a month, which is comparable to the salary of a full-time worker in ad samples. The ad also claimed to have been paid £30 for advertising that contradicted the information provided on the website.

How To Read A Job Description The Right Way

When I visit the actual website, my first impression of the site is that the design is very attractive and the content is poorly written, reducing the legitimacy of the site. The site claims to provide home digital marketing jobs by connecting advertisers with job seekers. The wording of the site is typical “affiliate” content, promising good pay for little work. Comfort, job satisfaction, and daily pay are all talked about on the website. The phrase “Dream Job” is everywhere on the website.

Here you can clearly see that you will earn £14 for each job you do and you will get £30 as advertised.

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There is also a testimonials section with common names and locations to prove that there are real happy people who are making money online from home.

Personally, I find it a little unbelievable that someone would consider copying and pasting a text to be a “dream job”, but to each their own. There is also a “Recent Payments” section on the website to give the reader more confidence that they are actually paying people daily. To be honest, when I see that the company openly discloses the names and amounts of its members, it makes me even more suspicious. I have no way of verifying the accuracy of this information.

Free Job Description Templates For Google Docs

Company ownership and contact information are also very vague. The About Us section mentions the names of Mr. Reman Pillai and Mr. Jaish Mandil, but I could not find any information about them online to verify their affiliation with the company.

There are two things that are very suspicious: first, it claims to have been running since 2017. However, a search of the site’s domain name shows that the website was only registered in June 2019.

Also, in the Contact Us section of their website, they say that their company name is Smart Work Universal Private Limited and that their corporate office is located in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, while their website is actually registered to an entity called “james” in Delhi.

Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume

As a job seeker you can register directly on the website and earn money by downloading online. Users need to fill out a registration form that includes details such as their name, email, city and details, and their preferred payment method.

Ways To Copy Text From A Website That Does Not Allow It

After signing up, the user is directed to a page called “Package” where I believe the scheme opens. Except for a small paragraph in the terms and conditions, there is no mention of a fee to be paid by the user anywhere on the website. However, after filling in the details and registering, the user is taken to a package page where payment for premium membership is required. The logic used here is that you only created your username and password when you registered; but you actually have to pay to get in and work.

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I also received an email with the same text as the Package page and directed me there with a big “Pay Now” button.

When I checked the QR codes provided on the invoice page, I noticed that they did not have the name Smart Work at all. Instead, the GPay account was named as “BharatPeMerchant” and the PayTM account as “Travia Consultancy”.

My conclusion is that the site does not appear to be very reliable because it seems that there is false and unverified information all over the website. There seems to be no reason to believe that SmartWorkOnline would be safer than copying job scam websites. The company has no online presence anywhere, including social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, which is strange for a company that calls itself a digital marketing platform.

Resume Skills Employers Will Actually Read (with Examples!)

A Google search for “smartonlinework” brought up the Google My Business page, which also lists addresses in Tamil Nadu. There are only 4 reviews for the listing and all of them are complaining about a scam.

SmartOnlineWork is likely a job scam and it would be wise not to use this platform. This type of scam is common to see online and is meant to provide work from home jobs and genuine writing jobs with no investment. Legitimate businesses don’t ask for money to get started; they will simply deduct their fees from your payment. The fees mentioned on the website may be some form of Ponzi scheme where old members are paid from the registration fees paid by new members, but they are likely to be fraudulent.

Most importantly, arm yourself with the knowledge of scams to avoid becoming a victim.

Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume

Disclaimer: This review is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon in making financial or business decisions. If you are a website owner and would like to comment on your business and/or website, please get in touch using the Contact Form. A job description is usually a written description of general duties or other related duties and responsibilities. mission. The job description officer identifies information such as the required skills or abilities of the employee, the equipment, tools and work support used, the working conditions used, the physical requirements and the salary level.

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Online Copy Paste Jobs Without Investment, Registration Fee (2022)

The main purpose of a job description is to help employees align their roles with the company’s vision and help candidates determine if the role fits their experience or is something they really want to do.

Therefore, it is really important to know the dos and don’ts of writing a job description. Because a professional employee, despite a good job description, remains a treasure. Let’s discuss the dos and don’ts of writing a job description:

A labor brand is very similar to a traditional brand for the company itself; it’s the company’s image as a ‘great place to work.’” It’s the way the company is perceived by candidates, potential candidates and current employees.

Many employees today are looking for the perfect business brand, so be specific about your brand in your job description and write a short paragraph or list of bullet points that share your company’s best features. This department encourages candidates who thrive in a similar environment.

How To Copy And Paste In Powerpoint

The conversational tone eschews informality in favor of direct, information-oriented conversations. Good interview writing creates a quick connection and doesn’t waste the reader’s time. The only goal is to become a real human being and not just an anonymous academic or a workaholic.

Because the personality you present and present in your job description can help set you apart from others. A personal and friendly approach is exemplary to attract more candidates.

Avoid ambiguous action verbs and words that are open to multiple interpretations, such as “reports,” “supports,” “supervises,” etc. Use specific descriptive adjectives to give job candidates the most specific requirements in their job description. speed of work such as “temporary” which can be written as “quick”.

Can You Copy And Paste Job Description In Resume

A job description is the best way to help job applicants determine whether the role is a good fit for their experience or what they’re actually interested in doing. That’s why it’s important to use assimilation templates, spacing, bullet points, and headings that will keep your job description organized and consistent.

Job Application Mistakes To Avoid

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