Blue Collar Job Resume Sample

Blue Collar Job Resume Sample – ATS-friendly and easy-to-use blue collar template for Microsoft Word that makes writing blue collar resumes fast and easy. Our resume templates will help you stand out. No one will know that you have used a template!

Creating a resume to apply for blue-collar jobs doesn’t have to be difficult as proven by our resume template that can be used for a variety of professionals. Designed to be ATS-friendly and easy to use, our resume template can be used in construction jobs, manual labor jobs, design or manufacturing jobs, maintenance, and more.

Blue Collar Job Resume Sample

Blue Collar Job Resume Sample

Blue-collar jobs often involve manual labor or maintenance or construction, and while a college degree is always required, special education and experience in business is a common requirement. In the 21st century, the term “blue-collar worker” has evolved to include many jobs in industries that require technical knowledge such as the automotive, aviation, and electrical industries.

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For these reasons, the main difference between this resume template and any other resume template is that these job templates usually have a lot of space for writing skills and special education, such as work tools and equipment, and special business courses that have been completed. and the certifications they have earned.

In this category, the resume template is designed as a one-page template, which is common in blue-collar fields. But, among the attached documents, an additional template is included with a place for information that is not included in the resume. A reference page and cover letter template are also available in the Coordinating Documents package, both designed to match the Blue Collar Resume Template.

Because Distinctive Resume Templates were created by professional resume writers for use by other professional resume writers, each template is designed for real-world use and flexibility, making it easy to use and customize.

You have unlimited color choices when using this template. By default, it comes with the popular blue and green colors, but these can be easily changed with just one click.

Why Are Pre Employment Assessments Useful For Blue Collar Jobs?

Coordinating Blue Collar resume addendum, references, and cover letters are available for separate purchase. See the full list:

Microsoft Word is required. Due to the digital nature of this template, all sales are final. For more information on licensing rights, please review our terms and conditions.

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If you like this blue-collar resume template, you may also like our construction resume template, engineering resume template, industrial resume template, and agribusiness resume template.

Blue Collar Job Resume Sample

As the creator of Distinctive Resume Templates (Michelle Dumas), I have seen other resume templates and almost all of them are not ATS compatible. This is the main reason I made sure these templates are available. ATS integration is essential for any job search. If your resume isn’t consistent, it can become a mess in the ATS and you won’t even know (except you’re not calling!). It was very frustrating to talk to many people who were using one of these templates and wasted weeks or months, missing out on opportunities because they didn’t know how to do it.

Example Blue Collar Resumes

That’s why I’ve done everything I can to make sure my Resume Templates are ATS-friendly. There are many different types of application tracking systems and it is impossible to ensure compatibility with all of them. However, my templates are

There is a lot of misinformation out there about ATS friendly startup templates. Most of these items are outdated. Having an eye-catching, well-designed ATS-compatible resume is possible as long as the designer understands the basics of ATS. To learn more, I encourage you to read the many articles about the design and process of targeting people on our blog.

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to change the color and make it your own. Remember, the last thing you want is to go back and check if you used a template. This is the main advantage of Distinctive Resume Templates. It’s designed for real-world use, and changing color is a quick and easy way to make your resume unique – just like you!

And, don’t worry. It’s easy! You don’t need a design and you don’t need to know which colors look good together because you’ll have plenty of schemes to choose from. I’m also including videos along with templates to show you how to easily change colors. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse and the entire color is changed instantly

Best Entry Level Resume Templates

If you’re interested, you can download a free resume template and see for yourself how easy our ATS-compatible templates are.

Yes of course! Again, this is a very important feature that differentiates Different Templates from other templates. As a resume writer, I (Michelle Dumas, creator of all the templates you find here) have spent the last 25+ years working with thousands of job seekers, helping them create great resumes that have repeatedly produced real-world results. .

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The main problem with other resume templates on the market is their inconsistency. The layout is so complex that it cannot be customized (not to mention that this complexity creates huge problems in ATS). When you try to use one of these templates you are forced to enter your most unique work in their default format. You can’t add or remove anything, you can’t move things. In some cases you may not be able to rename the parameters. The result is a resume that doesn’t do you justice, doesn’t promote your qualifications as much as it should, and makes your resume look cookie-cutter.

Blue Collar Job Resume Sample

Distinctive Resume Templates are different. I have based the design and format of Distinctive Resume Templates on real-life, proven resume results. Although you can use it exactly as it is, it is very difficult to modify it and I have included a video tutorial with the purchase of each template, showing you how to do it.

The High Score Resume Format: How To Write A Resume For 2022

The templates are also easily customizable whether you are an entry-level person or a C-level executive. Simply remove and/or copy/paste sections as needed. Most of the templates are two page templates and some of them are single page. However, any of them can be easily adjusted to any length you want.

If you want to see how templates work easily, you can download a free resume template here.

Yes! Distinctive Resume Templates was created to meet the needs of professional resume writers looking for a solution that allows them to do what they do best…WRITE is confident in providing their clients with original, custom-made, ATS-friendly templates. and other articles that can get them amazing results. Our Distinctive Resume Templates Insider program provides professional CV writers, job coaches, recruiters, and others who work with job seekers with a new batch of templates every month, as well as personal support on how to use them.

If you are a job seeker, remember that a great resume starts with the right things. But if your resume is already written and you’re happy with the content, Distinctive Resume Templates is for you. It will be easy for you to copy the content of your audio files and paste them into the graphics.

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Design templates can also give you great ideas on how to improve your content. For example, many of our templates include a “Snapshot” section at each location to summarize the value you’ve provided to your employer. This is something employers like.

Many of our templates also have instructions and guidelines throughout the template. This makes it easy for DIY writers to start writing their own.

Yes. These are Microsoft Word templates. Most people already have this app, but if you don’t, I’ll tell you how to get it for about $9/month. Microsoft Word is an essential application for all job seekers, as many employers and employers want your CV to be presented in this format.

Blue Collar Job Resume Sample

All Popular Resume Templates by Michelle Dumas, Internationally Certified Author and TORI Award Nominee & Award Winner.

Top 10 Blue Collar Jobs

Appearance is important, even with the written word, and how the document looks can quickly affect the decision to read it or toss it aside. I train and mentor beginning writers who have mastered the art of creating resumes, but lack basic MS Word skills to create attractive, ATS-compatible, and custom-written documents. Distinctive Templates are a great way to turn well written content into masterpieces that grab attention, create interest, and encourage your recipient to read every word.

Although I write resumes for each of my clients, I have also used Michelle’s templates and received great feedback. I find that templates are very helpful in organizing my ideas for clients who have a lot of important information that still needs to fit into an ATS-friendly, 2-page format without looking cluttered or disorganized.

When I started and started writing again a year ago, one of the most scary things was.

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