Become A Certified Resume Writer

Become A Certified Resume Writer – Proficiency in writing and the English language are great skills to have when you’re putting together a resume, but they won’t be enough if you want an application that will capture a recruiter’s interest and attention. And that’s why it may be necessary to hire a resume writer. But not just any writer—one of the Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs).

You’ve probably read numerous stories of people sitting on their hands, waiting for that interview call even after paying hundreds of dollars for a professional resume writing service. No one wants to spend all that money and not get the results they paid for, so to avoid that, it pays to make sure you work with Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) in the first place.

Become A Certified Resume Writer

Become A Certified Resume Writer

It has become a necessity for resumes submitted today to contain the right terms and phrases. That’s because a growing number of organizations are using applicant tracking systems, screening tools that look for keywords in a resume to assess whether it’s worth sending to a recruiter.

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These keywords, which often include specific skills, experience, and qualifications, take time and effort to identify, but experienced certified professional resume writers will already have a good idea of ​​what they are. Even if you apply to a niche site with very specialized keywords, it will be easier for them to find the right novelty terms to include because of their training and extensive resume writing background.

In addition to containing the right information, your resume should also look easy on the eyes. This means proper alignment, text blocking, balance of white space, and dividing information into clear sections, among many other considerations. A CPRW, like our writers here at , has a checklist of what modern recruiters prefer, including which sources to use and more, giving your resume the visual edge over the rest of the candidates out there.

When you have a CPRW working for you, you can be sure that your resume will be grammatically correct while showcasing your most outstanding skills and accomplishments to the best of your ability. You can feel confident that the resume you send represents you well when viewed by a recruiter.

Speaking of showcasing your capabilities, many people feel uncomfortable talking about their personal accomplishments. This is natural, as most of us are taught to be humble; unfortunately, this admirable quality can be a detriment to developing a strong resume. So they could end up selling themselves short and sending bland and boring apps.

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If you find it difficult to talk about yourself, you may benefit from having a CPRW prepare your resume. Certified professional resume writers will communicate with you to turn your skills and abilities into winning points that will hook and impress the recruiters who read them.

At , we’re so confident in our talented pool of CPRW-certified writers that we’re willing to stake our reputation with a 60-day interview guarantee. From the day we complete your resume, we guarantee that your potential employer will call you for a job interview. Otherwise, we’ll rewrite your resume for free.

Numerous surveys reveal that those who entrust their resume to a professional writer are able to attract salaries up to 7 percent higher than those who write their resume on their own. This can mean that the money you have invested in a CPRW will pay for itself in the long run.

Become A Certified Resume Writer

Not only that, but hiring a CPRW can also position you for greater opportunities that may result in landing a job with a more prestigious employer, better benefits, or even a higher job position than you applied for. Apart from that, you will also have more leverage to negotiate a higher salary.

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Recruiters and hiring managers absolutely hate reading resumes that look like they were pulled from some online template. These generic resumes offer little or no value and only serve to waste a recruiter’s valuable time.

If you’ve sent the same version of your resume to multiple employers, maybe the reason you’re not getting any interview calls is because your resume looks too generic. You want your resume to be relevant to the job, to contain personal information unique to your professional experience. A skilled resume writer can make that happen.

Without experience and training, it can take some time to develop an effective and compelling resume, and not all applicants have that luxury of time, especially with all the job hunting work that needs to be done to become a highly qualified candidate. in the eyes of recruiters.

By hiring certified professional resume writers, you can focus on other aspects of your application, such as preparing for interview questions, learning more about potential employers, and finding leverage for salary negotiation . All this with the peace of mind that the resume you send will represent you in the best possible way.

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Become A Certified Resume Writer

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You know your readers have the attention span of a goldfish. The same goes for recruiters.

So, start from the most recent work experience. Go back to the beginning of your uneven struggle with writer’s block.

Use clear, legible typography, large headings, and ample white space. All of these formatting steps make your writing resume clean and easy to follow.

Become A Certified Resume Writer

Finally, save your resume as a PDF file. This file format keeps the design intact and can be scanned by ATS software.

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Also, save a copy of your resume in the good old MS Word .doc file. This will save you if it turns out

Pro tip: Check the job posting to make sure PDFs are accepted. Some companies still use old applicant tracking systems that can only analyze writer resumes saved as .doc files.

For more tips on choosing the best writer resume format, read: The Best Resume Format: Chronological, Combined, or Functional?

Meet Brad. It’s a recruiter looking for a creative content writer. You have 200 content writer and editor resumes on your desktop.

Certified Resume Samples

If you have years of writing experience, choose a writer resume summary. outline

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