Ats Resume Scanner Reddit

Ats Resume Scanner Reddit – Most resumes today are too traditional or overly artistic. Like it or not, unless you want to get hired in a more “hard” industry (eg law, banking…), applying for a job in a traditional position no longer cuts it. We found this reformatting template on Reddit and absolutely love it’s minimal form factor. In addition, this CV scored the applicant Tog Bolo an excellent 5 out of 15 callbacks and a 50% salary increase! Let’s see how you can model Tog’s success in your own resume template:

Tog finds a sweet spot between the two and brings this beautiful act of fun back to life. A clean resume design like Tog uses only a single font family with multiple weights, along with plenty of white space to provide visual breathing room for the eye.

Ats Resume Scanner Reddit

Ats Resume Scanner Reddit

Notice how there are no images on the resume? Unless otherwise specified by the employer, you should not waste your resume’s real estate by including a picture of yourself. Since interviewers still check your online profile, which brings us to point 2 below, it’s really pointless.

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You may already have your contact details such as phone and email on your CV. Since this is 21

Century, pick up the tag and include links to your professional social media profiles on your account.

We’ve emphasized the word “professional” because you don’t have to include links to every social media network you’re on (unless you’re applying to be a brand ambassador or influencer). You can’t go wrong with a professional LinkedIn profile that works hand-in-hand with your resume. Bonus points if you have recommendations from past employers or colleagues on your LinkedIn profile!

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Even if we don’t include links to other profiles, employers can still search for you on Google. Now is the time to take ownership of your digital footprint and start spring cleaning your social media profiles from the vulgar chatter or silly chatter that will land your CV in the reject pile.

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Unless you are a fresh graduate, your professional experience always comes first. The best way to present your past work experience is in reverse chronological order. Start with your most recent work from the top to the oldest at the bottom.

If you have completed any projects or volunteer work, you should definitely list after your experience. Do you have anything else to add? Try the skills section to highlight your skills. Or a language class if you are multilingual.

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes, in this case, the interviewer’s shoes. No one likes to read dense text. Cut out unnecessary words and break them up with bullet points. For example, you can see that Tog only has 3-4 points for his past experience.

Ats Resume Scanner Reddit

Numbers also bring more meaning to texts. If you’ve done something unusual in your previous jobs, such as raising $2.9 million a year, you should list that on your CV.

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Next, don’t use pronouns like “I,” “he,” or “she” on your resume. You can see that Tog didn’t use anything and jumped right into the action.

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Aside from readers, you need to optimize your content for bots, and by bots, we mean the applicant tracking system (ATS) that hiring managers use to sift through the large number of reports they receive every day.

Basically what an ATS does is scan your resume for keywords relevant to the position you’re applying for. So, a no-brainer way to score on the ATS is to read the job description carefully for keywords and then apply those keywords in your CV.

So keep these 5 things in mind when building your resume template. If you’ve already done it, let us know if it helped you land an interview or even landed you your dream job in the comments section below!

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