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Ashley Watkins Resume Writer – It’s no wonder that networking is the hardest part of the job search. This is according to a poll I did on LinkedIn. Other poll options were interviewing, writing resumes, and interacting with employers.

What the results reveal is that word-of-mouth communication is more difficult for job seekers. Obviously, networking and interviews require someone to explain their value, both in technical and soft skills. But writing a resume and communicating with an employer in writing also requires one’s ability to articulate their skills.

Ashley Watkins Resume Writer

Ashley Watkins Resume Writer

However, when the ball hits the road, it’s the ability to interact with fellow netizens and interviewers that brings home the flag. Is this an add-on/introductory item? Not amust.

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Although, it is believed that introverts are the best of the two in writing, and extraverts are better in oral communication. (One error of the survey was not specifying that interacting with employers means doing it in writing.) Regardless, I think we can all agree that networking and interviewing are difficult.

With networking comes the realization that results are not immediate. It’s about building relationships and being willing to give, as well as take. This is difficult for someone who is trying to find a job to understand. Sure, networking while working is also hard to do, but for many the stakes are not high.

Take this scenario: you’re at a big networking event where it’s like herding cows. The first person you approach is ready to give their elevator pitch. He surprises you with his elevator pitch, but you’re not practicing yours, leaving you speechless.

“‘Networking Always Wins It Doesn’t Work!’ That’s true whether we’re looking for a job or not. By focusing on building mutually beneficial relationships, we open up greater exposure, and that leads to greater opportunities. The Internet is not easy for many, until they experience the doors it opens. My advice to Job Seekers is to immerse yourself in the networks.”

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This statement is easier said than done for many job seekers I meet, who see a networking event as a “What’s in it for me?” From this point of view, their efforts are fruitless. Other people in the room or on the Zoom call can smell this scent a mile away and will reject the person.

If you are different from the rules, you will be more successful in your networking efforts. You realize that immediately asking for help from the first person you meet is a bad way to deal with networking. As mentioned before, this is a slow process that you can start before you start looking for a job.

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“If you keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into a place where people recognize your value as a professional, that’s networking. Then, when you reach out and let others know you’re looking for a job, the pieces fall into place more easily. Yes, there are times when your industry falters or recession looms or other problems arise, but constant relationship building (as well as continued improvement and commitment to new challenges) WILL pay off in the long run.”

Ashley Watkins Resume Writer

Do you remember the first time you were interviewed? Chances are you arrived at the interview unprepared. You didn’t research the position and the company as extensively as you should have and, therefore, had a hard time answering the questions.

Maureen Mccann, Executive Career Strategist 💎 Su Linkedin: #executive # Resume #linkedin

“Being in Talent Acquisition for 20 years now. Interviewing is where I see the biggest gap at all levels of professionals. I would spend time developing strong interviewing skills.”

Is this easier said than done? There are job seekers who will put in the time to research positions and companies, but how many will spend the time developing good interviewing skills? Be true to yourself. Do you anticipate the questions that will be asked, write them down, and practice answering them?

I remember one job seeker who took the time to do this. But he wrote down common interview questions and answers; not specific work-related questions. The idea of ​​doing this is probably why the interview came in second as the most difficult part of the job search.

“And being interviewed is probably what people say they’re most confident in, but anyone who’s ever been in a position to interview people before can tell you that’s the opposite of what they’re seeing.”

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I agree with this assessment. Interviewing is difficult. There is a lot to ride in an interview. These days, the interview process can involve multiple meetings via phone, video, in-person and presentations. We’ve all heard of candidates who went through as many as 11 interviews (Jack Kelly wrote a popular post on this topic).

For an executive resume writer someone would say writing a resume is hard, but most (the good ones at least) would say it’s not the hardest part of the job search. This is in line with the results of the poll, where this aspect ranked third as the most difficult aspect of finding a job.

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“Writing a resume is hard, especially for people with long and difficult leadership careers (my specialty), but networking is especially hard when job seekers aren’t sure a) what it is; and b) how to do it without feeling like they’re asking for a job.”

Ashley Watkins Resume Writer

But to say that writing a resume is easy would be an understatement. I’ve come across resumes from executives that are full of nonsense or overly technical and, basically, show no value. Here’s what some people think:

Walla Walla County Library, Wa

Another misconception is that the job search starts with a resume. This is understandable, as a resume is an important document that is required by all employers. But to write a solid resume, job seekers need to know what the employer’s pain points are. So, the internet.

This poll was born out of a guest speaker event, where I interviewed an employer named Marisol Maloney. The guest speaker event was based on a post he wrote about how to reach an employer.

As I said before, reaching out to an employer is usually done in writing, which can happen via email or LinkedIn messaging. So this is why this option died last as the most difficult part of the job search.

The writing method is more passive than contacting employers over the phone or in person. Angela Watts points out that, “at some point, the Employer will want to have a conversation.” This is a valid argument.

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Behind reaching an employer via text: Marisol Maloney gives the following account as an ineffective way to contact an employer:

“‘You can check out my resume and let me know if you qualify for any positions your company may have. I am looking for positions in (state/city)’” where I have no roles available. They would know that I don’t have any roles available in the area they want if they just checked the website.

The mistake that many job seekers make is to assume that the employer is working for them, when it is quite the opposite. Marisol suggests the following as the best verb to use:

Ashley Watkins Resume Writer

“Hi (employer name), my name is Jane Doe and I saw on your LI job/post page that you are looking for a Physical Scientist in Lorton, VA. I have an active security clearance and 10 years of experience as a Scientist and I am interested in to apply for the role. I have a question about (state your specific question not already answered by the job description).”

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Early Literacy Skills

Of course once a conversation is started by email or LinkedIn direct message, it must continue over the phone or in person. Perhaps the reason this option is listed last is because not everyone is contacting employers.

However, the other three options: networking, interviewing, and writing a resume are difficult aspects of the job search. More than a few people commented that all four factors are holding them back. I understand their frustration.

This article was inspired by a post I wrote that resonated with many LinkedIn users.* The topic of that post resonated with older job seekers who feel that everything they’ve accomplished in their long career should be included on their resume. This is one mistake I’m saving until last to address.

Although this advice can be applied to job seekers of any age, it is especially important for those over the age of 50. And if they have not had to look for a job in 20 years, they should carefully consider some of the mistakes they have made. can make.

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Your resume shows what you’ve done in your career, so it’s personal and you’re proud of the document you wrote, or someone wrote with your input. I totally get this. But this is probably the first mistake you make; you hold sentences, paragraphs, and bulleted items that absorb.

It’s hard to say but the truth. Although you may not see this, others may. You must listen to reliable sources. I am not a trusted source for every job seeker, but I am a trusted source for people in jobs like sales, marketing, teaching, and some others. Find a credible source and listen to what they have to say. Then…make a change.

I wrote above that your resume shows what you have done. This is only part of your responsibility

Ashley Watkins Resume Writer

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