Art Therapy Resume Samples

Art Therapy Resume Samples – A great art therapist not only looks good, but it highlights all the reasons why you should be invited for an interview. Take advantage of this example and writing guide to help you spin the yarn of success and put you on the path to your dream job in 2022.

What does an art therapist do? How to Write an Art Therapist How to Choose the Best Format for an Art Therapist Resume Example: Self-Portrait Employment History Example: Draw on Your Experience Education Example: Your Education Matters Art Therapist CV Skills Example: Tailored to the Job and design: essentials to brighten up your space for an art therapist

Art Therapy Resume Samples

Art Therapy Resume Samples

You’ve decided to use your creativity to help others and are ready to find a new position to tap into those talents. Your first task is to create an art therapy that showcases your artistic talent and gets you the interview you want.

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Art therapists combine the creation of visual art with psychology to help clients on their journey toward greater health. They assess clients and develop programs that will guide their clients toward their goals, whether they are physical, emotional, or cognitive.

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Because they are trained in both art and therapy, art therapists also write treatment plans, write summaries and update case files, as well as prepare other reports. They note and report on client behavior and progress and make adjustments in treatment plans as needed.

Art therapists use a variety of media such as drawing, painting, ceramics, to guide their clients. They interact both with their clients and with the health professionals on the care team. Other titles for art therapists include art psychotherapist or creative arts therapist.

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Art therapy is a growing field and the opportunities are growing with it. According to Career One Stop, over the next decade, the demand for art therapists is expected to rise at a higher than average rate of 15%.

Art Therapy Resume Samples

The median salary for art therapists is $48,368. Seasoned professionals can earn more than $65,000 while those on the low end of the scale can expect a salary of $38,000, Payscale reports.

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The first step in writing your art therapist is figuring out what parts to include. Your CV should contain the following elements:

We know you are a creative person, but your format is not the place to show it. Application documents should follow a strict format and should also be expert in your art. Unless your career falls off a typical path, we recommend a reverse chronological format. Recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS) like this approach, in which you keep your job listings on the back burner.

There are some cases in which you may consider another form: if you have a different career or if you have been in the profession for more than a decade. In these cases, one of the alternative or hybrid options we offer may work better for you.

ATS applications are often used by the HR department to scan and sort when you apply online. ATS takes data from your art therapist and puts it into the HR system. It then uses an algorithm to rank based on keywords and phrases associated with a specific job.

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To increase your chances of being seen by a person, include keywords and phrases in the job listing.

The summary section (also known as the profile or personal statement) gives a big picture of your professional life as an art therapist. Here you have the opportunity to shine your personality and great achievements. You may want to develop this section last, giving you a chance to really think about your career and qualifications.

The summary is the only section that contains complete sentences and 3-4 lines that you have. If you feel like you can’t include everything you want to include, consider using your cover letter to capture information. Fill them with strong adverbs and adjectives that convey who you are and how you work with others on your treatment team. Add an accomplishment you’re proud of – this is not the place to be modest!

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Art Therapy Resume Samples

As an art therapist, you may be working for a health care organization in its mental health department or in a separate mental health facility. Art therapy programs can take place in an art studio or in a more clinical setting. Because your work environment may change, make sure you target the job you are applying for. This means that you have to rework your resume to change the focus for each new application. This approach will also help you beat applicant tracking systems that process and categorize your keywords and phrases before a human ever sees them.

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Passionate and experienced art therapists help others express feelings and cope with emotions through the gift of art. Skilled in assessing client needs and designing and implementing appropriate art therapy plans. Bringing a strong understanding of creativity, patience, and art therapy interventions.

The Art Therapist Employment History section describes your career story. You want to demonstrate your ability to develop and implement effective and appropriate art therapy plans to meet client needs.

Think of all the different skills you’ve developed during your time as an art therapist. Try to include as many of these work experiences as you can in your job description. Instead of just listing your responsibilities, paint a picture in words of your case management style, your successes with art therapy groups, or how you’ve used art therapy sessions to improve your clients’ well-being. .

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Make sure you communicate all your experiences. A hiring manager will want to know that you have done both individual art therapy as well as group therapy. Be as detailed as possible. For example, include populations you have worked with.

Your academic achievements are important. Your Art Therapist Education section shows them. Because art therapists are mental health professionals who require in-depth knowledge about mental illness and treatment methods, they need to obtain a master’s degree and complete a practicum.

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Many art therapists have graduate degrees in social work or psychology, but this is not a requirement. You can add your experience in the Employment History section, but all of your degrees and certifications must be listed in the Education section.

Art Therapy Resume Samples

Because you have an advanced degree, you can skip your high school experience. If you are a Registered Art Therapist, or ATR, or advanced to become Board Certified, you can list those credentials here or create a new section.

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The skills section of your art therapist CV gives an overview of your professional skills. After detailing all the skills you’ve used in your career, you have an opportunity to highlight five to ten qualities that employers seek for each job.

This section should always be carefully tailored to meet the requirements of the job listing. If you have expertise in a specific area, such as the creation of treatment programs for substance abuse, be sure to highlight it here.

Think of the top-level skills your employer might be looking for, and list those that differentiate yourself from other candidates. In this section, you should include important interpersonal skills such as compassion, strong listening skills, and a talent for problem solving. These skills are essential for working with clients, but also make sure hiring managers know you can work with the clinical team.

Art therapists also need hard skills such as a strong working knowledge of art principles and techniques. You need to protect personal data, keep accurate client progress notes, and complete paperwork in a timely and orderly fashion.

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Try a combination of hard and soft skills that will give employers an overview of your professional skills.

As an art professional, how your art therapist looks is an important part of the overall package and you know how to create great art. Your layout and design can be a little more creative if you’re, say, an accountant, but the key is reading ability.

Put yourself in the busy person’s shoes

Art Therapy Resume Samples

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