Andrew Lacivita Resume Template

Andrew Lacivita Resume Template – I have reviewed over 500,000 resumes during my career and have developed a great resume format that works for 95% of employers. Below is how to create the ultimate professional resume video and podcast highlights!

Your resume doesn’t: serve as a vehicle to ask what you need or what you would do if an employer were to hire you. Use emails, cover letters, and job interviews to convey those messages.

Andrew Lacivita Resume Template

Andrew Lacivita Resume Template

In the video and podcast, I provide two different examples of how to integrate your career (including examples of a sales professional and a hostess for illustrative variety).

Andrew Lacivita’s Job Search Coaching Program

In this section, outline the following information. Videos and podcasts have a significantly greater sense of logic and detail.

Employers think in terms of time and events. They want to see advancement within companies and across careers.

You can also get the Interview Intervention Book Experience, which has a lot more and includes e-books, audios, chapter notes, guides and lots of help related to job interviews!

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Want more advanced content? Join the Academy and get some freebies that support the instruction in this post! How confused are you right now? How many resume samples have you reviewed? How many different opinions can there possibly be regarding this ridiculous piece of paper? Unfortunately, there is an answer to the last question

Before we confuse you, let’s have some fun at my expense. Believe it or not, I was once 22 years old. I was a graduate at the time and palms were burning from the shiny, hot new electrical engineering degree I had earned from Iowa State University. The motion of tossing my hat and tassels in the air seemed to dissipate degrees as quickly as my memory of Ohm’s Law.

I assembled an inexplicably thick stack of beautiful one-page, yellow-papered resumes because someone “advised” me to do something to make my resume stand out from the employer’s white pile. I guess I took that advice a little too literally and, mind you, this was decades before Elle Woods made her rosy, perfumed resume famous. #trendsetter

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Andrew Lacivita Resume Template

I don’t want to be melodramatic about your current blink of an eye that for some people can last months, but a strong resume along with an effective job search will help put you on a better path to finding your first professional job. .

The World Is One Big Ats If You Let It Be Don’t!

Since writing a resume is as exciting as a trip to the dentist, let’s have some fun with some dos, don’ts, whys and why nots. I will do my best to be entertaining. You do your best to stay awake. deal?

Make it a page. Don’t argue. You are twenty two years old. How much could you possibly have accomplished? I am forty eight years old. My two pages, but if I’m not lazy I can trim it down to one.

Name. Call me “Captain Obvious,” but my review (not a typo) of over half a million resumes shows me that this is something worth explaining. Under no circumstances should you include your middle name (or quote your nickname in parentheses). Unless you’re a serial killer or presidential assassin (think John Wayne Gacy, Lee Harvey Oswald), just use your first and last names. Famous people use two names. Really famous people use only one name or nickname (think Oprah, Sting, Madonna). Employers are reviewing several resumes along with yours. They have trouble remembering your first name, let alone your last name. Throwing in your middle initial or middle name is a bummer and downright cruel. I can’t believe I had to use one hundred and fourteen words to explain how to use your name. I’ll be more brief with the rest.

Home address. Use your permanent address where you plan to live. Do not use your school address unless you have a unique address. Use Mom and Dad or Uncle Jim or whoever you plan to stay with.

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Phone number. Use your cell number. No need to indicate that it is your cell number. Employers will be offended if it is not. Whatever you do, don’t use your home number or your parents’ home number. While I’m at it, ditch whatever ridiculous voicemail greetings you have. If an employer bothers to call you, you want the nice guy who took the time to dial you to feel like he made a smart choice to call you for a job interview.

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E-mail address. Use a nice, clean and representative email address that won’t send everything to spam. Avoid addresses like [email protected] or [email protected]. Stick with [email protected] or [email protected].

I’m sure you’re wondering where this information should be located at the top of the page. Normally, people read from left to right, but the resume reading is a little different. Resumes are scanned. (Sorry to hurt your feelings. No one cares about every accomplishment you’ve had in your life.) When I review resumes, I start at the top center of the page and look for the name. If you scan me both ways to find the information I’m looking for, I get irritated. (You can judge me on my tolerance level for name placement once you’ve reviewed as many resumes as I have. In fact, if you ever want to punish yourself, it’s a great self-torture technique.) Your Place the name in the center and then your address, phone number and email address below that in that order. I made a pretty picture at the bottom because as the saying goes, no one reads words anymore.

Andrew Lacivita Resume Template

! No. And, I hope, for heaven’s sake, you’re not thinking of an objective statement. (For more on this, see the section below titled I Want to Scratch My Eyes Out.)

How To Job Interview With People Who Will Report To You

Give me some appetite so I can get a complete idea (an executive summary) in my head of what I’m about to take on. Your resume is a marketing document. Effective marketing leverages multiple touch points to the buyer through multiple channels. You only have one channel and very little to market, but let’s turn an inch into a foot.

Profile. Consider this brief section your version of Cliff Notes (or is it Spark Notes?). By summarizing your stardom in a few lines, you can anchor their memory and get them excited about what they’re about to read. Make sure to do it in a way that only gives them a peek and entices them to read the rest. This will also help employers who are ridiculously dismissing new professionals based on the school they went to. You should refer to your major areas of study, internships, summer jobs, volunteer work, committees, etc. (not necessarily listed separately). The most important thing is to roll these together and (do your best) skew them toward the type of job you want. I know this concept can be a little hard to grasp, so here’s an example for a recent graduate who wants to work in sales:

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“Graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Marketing and Psychology. Held various summer jobs and internships focusing on sales support activities. Served on several university and fraternity committees. Built additional sales-related competencies through school fundraising activities and other volunteer efforts.”

Education. List your degree, school, city and state of school, and the year you earned the degree (or the year you expect to earn the degree). Also include any honors, additional training, certifications, study abroad programs, or other relevant “academic” experience. This is the only time your educational information should appear this high on your resume. After your first professional job, put it in the lower part. And, yes, that includes graduates of Harvard and Yale.

The Ultimate Question To Ask At The End Of The Job Interview

Work experience As you become a more experienced professional, the work experience section will be the longest section of your resume. Transitioning into the full-time workforce as a student or young professional, your work experience section will likely be on par with other parts of your resume. I suggest identifying the company you worked for, its city and state, and the year you worked there (eg, winter, summer). As a precursor to sharing accomplishments you’ve achieved or responsibilities you’ve held, I also recommend including a brief sentence summarizing the company to make sure the employer understands. Don’t assume that all employees are familiar with all companies.

Other. At the bottom, be sure to create a section(s) that highlight other important information. The list here is endless and I won’t try to be inclusive, but you can include things like volunteering, community service, and other collegiate activities. You may also have other unique experiences such as being multilingual. Most importantly, this is an area that lists what you think sets you apart. Don’t take it lightly.

Objective Statement. I wish I could find whoever started this idea and give them a good whipping. Your resume

Andrew Lacivita Resume Template

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