Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit – In a still sluggish job market, job hunting can be a frustrating and non-responsive series for many people.

To combat that, many job seekers with coding and design experience go to very creative lengths and showcase their skills in a tangible way.

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

From designing a personal Amazon page complete with reviews to making candy bar wrappers to showcase job skills, here are some of the most creative resumes we’ve seen.

My Friend At Amazon Is Going To Give My Resume To A Recruiter There Asap. Don’t Have Much Time, Will It Do?

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Abudho is a Kenyan art director and photographer best known for his photography, but his resume has also attracted quite a bit of attention.

One day, while he was doing his regular shopping, he got an inspiration. “Believe it or not, I got the idea while buying a pack of coffee,” he says. “Java coffee, the best in Kenya, to be exact.”

Entry #16 By Rahulch831 For Design A Better Resume

He created a resume that potential employers could cut out and fold into a box, complete with creative “nutrition” facts. The effect was immediate. He received three good job offers from leading agencies in Kenya. He is currently a creative partner at Scand in Nairobi.

Fortunini tells us that since his work involves online marketing and advertising campaigns, Google Analytics is a fundamental tool that people in his industry work with. He wanted to create a resume that demonstrated his understanding of online marketing, graphic design abilities, and HTML skills.

Fortunini says, “My intention with this project is to show both sides of my professionalism in digital: good technical understanding and knowledge of online marketing. “Trying to analyze my business path as ‘web site performance’ is difficult, but useful to gain an objective view of current success and future goals.”

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

Under his “Experience” section, you can click on his different positions on the left side, which will then allow you to see more details about the projects he’s worked on and the skills he’s developed in each position.

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“I wanted to have fun creating a resume that stood out from all the others,” she says. “I love historically inspired design. For me, it’s a lot of fun to look to the past for ideas.”

She applied to her current job using this resume and immediately saw results. “My current employer really liked the resume,” she says.

Mundon created this resume for a friend, but received such a response to his design that he decided to launch The Whole Orange, a creative design company that designs and creates creative resumes, businesses and websites for job hunters.

He tells us that even if a resume is creative, it needs to be job-specific: “You’re not out to get any job.” Employers need to be able to quickly find your past work experiences, he says.

Resume For Applying To Amazon

“This particular resume got him the job [he wanted],” Mundon says. “The design [of a resume] is more important than how ‘pretty’ it is; The overall goal is to get these people employed. If the prettiest resume doesn’t land our clients an interview, it’s worthless.”

This resume was built for his music career. “Through Jeffrey’s resume, I wanted the viewer to know that he is in the music business, know that he works hard, portray his image in a creative way, and most importantly, showcase his experience,” says Mundon.

“I really wanted to create a different resume,” Stapley says when asked about his motivation. “There was something memorable about coming across a desk that was probably full of resumes that all looked the same. A resume can be much more than a biographical ‘humor’ of skill-sets, education and achievements.

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

Stapley’s resume landed him a job as creative director at iFit Fitness Technology, one of the world’s largest fitness companies. “I love where I am, who I work with and what I do,” he says.

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“I created it around the time Google+ came out,” he says. “I wanted to marry the idea of ​​an infographic with the way I was displaying my social information in Google+. I took my job history, Klout score, LinkedIn recommendations, and education and wanted them to appear in a form people were familiar with.

This resume was good for his career and attracted a lot of attention outside of his profession.

“It was more of a side-project. Since I’m in IT now, the type of infographic resume I create doesn’t work very well with IT hiring managers, especially in the South. However, I do have some comments about it outside of the job market. “

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“I designed it in college [a few] years ago to try to stand out from everyone else applying for graphic design jobs,” he says. “It was kind of a risk because it was before infographics were popular.”

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But Hussey’s worries were premature. “I got immediate attention [from my resume] and it continued to spread across the Internet. Overall I got a lot of job offers and interest from employers and I would say it has been a big success.”

Lara Wineman applied for a job in the scrapbooking industry and wanted to submit a resume to match.

Wineman tells us that she created this resume when she applied for a position at a company in the scrapbooking industry, and that it was “tailored to that look.” The pink stationery both contrasts and compliments the vintage typewriter print.

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

Lara was not offered a job, but she was not too disappointed. The resume has gotten her a lot of attention on Flickr.

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“I wasn’t actively looking for a job at the time,” she says. “I got a job ad for the company one day and thought I’d try applying to see what would happen.”

Anderson’s resume was born out of an epiphany. “It occurred to me one day that the resume was just tagged with temporal data, and if I treated it as such, I could provide more information,” he says.

“I had a few job offers, but I only took one as a graphic design chair at a small school in Pennsylvania and took portfolio photos for students at a few programs,” Anderson says.

Michael is now working in his family’s business, but his resume still gets a lot of attention online.

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Sabatini is an Italian graphic designer born and raised in Italy. He is currently based in Florence and focuses on digital art and typography.

Sabatini prepared his resume in response to a question. “Why does the curriculum [Bricks] have to be displayed in an ugly and boring version?” he asked. “Especially if your job is to make things cool and [the audience] curious.”

He designed multiple versions of this resume in multiple colors while maintaining the same brand, and it got a lot of attention on the internet.

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Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

“More than I expected,” he says. “And not just from the ones I sent [to employers], but also from people [who] saw it on my portfolio and thought it was interesting.”

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Ramilo is currently a senior graphic designer, and she tells us that she wanted to show on her resume that she always loved to doodle, as long as she had a ballpoint pen and paper, “whether it was a ticket, tissue paper, or any paper. As long as [she] can write on it.”

“I posted it to my deviantart account to showcase my design and I was surprised when I got so many messages from people all over the world in my personal email and even on my Facebook account that they saw my creative resume and liked it. ,” she says.

This sweet resume from a marketing professional named Nicholas made it to the front page of Reddit after a friend posted it. According to the original poster, Nick got the job he was applying for.

Each bar costs about $2 to custom produce and is a Nestle Crunch bar, in case you were wondering.

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Leonardi, who previously worked at AOL and Industry Next and now works at Fox News, has built a side-scrolling interactive resume reminiscent of games like Mario.

Dubost’s page, which you can see here , went viral and his job search received 1.5 million views, eventually landing him 150 job offers and a job as tech product manager at fast-growing New York startup Birchbox.

The instantly recognizable format and depth of detail (everything from product dimensions to reviews from previous employers) made it a hit and helped him land the type of job he was looking for.

Amazon Area Manager Resume Reddit

Gandhi is a young Georgia Tech graduate and Google fan who modeled his resume after Google’s iconic style and search results. It worked so well, he got an interview in a famous selective company.

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