Airbnb Host Resume Example

Airbnb Host Resume Example – Your Airbnb profile description may be the most overlooked aspect of your Airbnb listing, but it can dramatically optimize your vacation rental. The best thing about Airbnb hosts is that it’s such an easy and simple way to promote all your listings, even if you don’t have to spend time creating a profile.

Your Airbnb profile should be personal, but professional. Think somewhere between your dating profile and your resume; Personal enough to let guests know you’re a real person, but professional enough to show you care about your property and will treat your guests with professionalism. It should show you take your rental property seriously and strive to provide quality housing.

Airbnb Host Resume Example

Airbnb Host Resume Example

Travelers want to believe that hosts can be trusted, and when the host is “just a guy,” it’s harder to trust that people are following strict health and safety protocols. Even superhosts will benefit from a well-written profile! In fact, a study found that the profiles Airbnb maintains have a significant impact on perceived trustworthiness for guests.

How To Start & Run A Successful Airbnb Experience Business — Eatwanderexplore & Fire

As Airbnb’s global community of hosts and property managers grows, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself from your competition. Before booking your property, guests want to know as much as possible about you as a host. So, they can feel safe when they make a reservation.

The Internet allows anyone to do anything they want. It seems like a no-brainer, but it can actually turn into a big problem. Using Airbnb’s verification system is a great way to add a level of trust to your Airbnb host profile. This extra protection goes a long way to making your guests feel comfortable. You can verify your profile in 3 simple steps.

Step 3: After submitting the required information to Airbnb, you will receive an identity verification icon on your personal profile.

Verifying your Airbnb account will help add extra credibility and trust to your listing. This can help you stand out from other listings that don’t show any endorsements. Data shows that guest profiles are more likely to book with Airbnb-verified hosts.

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In addition to reviews, potential guests only have bio information to learn about you as an Airbnb host. This is an important part of your Airbnb host profile; shiny hair! Be creative, welcoming, open, and most of all, be yourself. After all, your Airbnb listings are an extension of you, so spending time with your bio will pay off in the long run.

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Your Airbnb host profile is your guests’ first impression of you and your listings. Make sure it’s good. Take your time and make it count. If you make your Airbnb host profile look great, the rest will fall into place.

Adding a good personal photo of yourself is a surefire way to build trust with your potential guests. Upload a good photo of yourself that meets the criteria below.

Airbnb Host Resume Example

At the same time, it’s especially important to add a reference when you’re just starting out and don’t have a review yet.

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It doesn’t add a ton of credibility, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a reference. You can request a referral by email or if you have connected your Facebook account to Facebook.

It doesn’t really exist. It doesn’t hurt to add three pieces of verification: your government ID, your email address, and your phone number. This information will not be shared with anyone, don’t worry. You can also connect social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+!

Profile photo: the photo is clear, the host is smiling, and the photo also shows the host doing something they enjoy. Visitors who like sports and football will immediately tell. First impression of this host: a friend who likes sports.

Profile description: The description conveys many positive things: the host is excited to be a part of Airbnb and loves meeting new people. Definitely the type of person I want to be with. She also shares her favorite travel destinations.

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Links: This host has not added any links. It’s not a big deal, but it only takes a few minutes to request some, so there’s no reason not to.

Profile Description: It wouldn’t hurt to share a bit more about where the host grew up and what their career is. The more you share about yourself, the better the chance a visitor will tell you.

People who use Airbnb not only enjoy the authentic experience of a local host, but also rely on someone they don’t know. Creating a great Airbnb profile is an important step in making people feel like they know, like, and trust you. It doesn’t take long to create a great Airbnb profile. Even if it’s not the most important part of your Airbnb listing, I think it’s definitely worth spending an hour or so on. Additional booking time will be required!

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Airbnb Host Resume Example

Proud to support thousands of property managers and Airbnb guests worldwide. We’re proud to be top rated on vacation rental software review sites: Capterra, G2, Software Advice, Trusted Pilot, just to name a few! Check out our reviews and read Case Studies from real successful and growing Short Term Kidney Managers! Airbnb is my absolute design hero. If you haven’t already read The Airbnb Story… by Leigh Gallagher, check out my summary here. I love their product, philosophy and values.

How Data Science Increased Airbnb’s Valuation To $25.5 Bn?

On Ray Hoffman’s podcast, “Masters of Libra,” we spoke with Brian Chesky about designing today’s Airbnb experience using the 11-star framework.

The framework began as a brainstorming exercise. The creators wanted to design a brainstorming experience that would go viral. From the very beginning, Airbnb thought the equivalent of a 5-star hotel experience and extrapolated from there.

My review doesn’t do justice to Chesky’s energy on the podcast, so I recommend listening to the episode from 10:36 to 13:23.

1 star from top to bottom knocks on the door and no one answers. You blew it, you lost the customer.

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3-star knocks on the door and waits for the host for 20 minutes. True story, this happened to me, but the host had a good excuse and I still love Airbnb.

It will be a 5-star experience – you knock on the door and walk in. As Chesky says, “no big deal.”

A 6 star experience would be better than a hotel where the host welcomes you, shows you around and has amenities in the apartment.

Airbnb Host Resume Example

For the ultimate experience, 11-star Elon Musk will greet you personally and tell you that you’re “going to space.”

Airbnb Message Template Examples Email Template Airbnb Email

According to Chesky, the extreme design helped him find the sweet spot that seemed possible compared to the 10 and 11 stars.

I’ve labeled this sweet spot as “deliverables” and the 6 and 7 star stories we hear today – whether it’s a warm welcome from a host, a surfboard, or anything prepared for you.

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Another startup founded by Terminal 1 (T1), a technology startup that uses machine learning and software automation to make the job search and experience more pleasant for candidates and employers, respectively.

I shared Airbnb’s 11-star framework with him and realized it was relevant to the candidate experience. I offered to facilitate a workshop and co-design with his team. Fortunately, he agreed.

Can I Hire Someone To Write My Résumé And Cover Letter?

I started by using Airbnb’s 11-star framework to contextualize the advice through personal stories, connect it to the business, and shape the candidate experience.

Starting with individual ideas, I asked each team member to think about their personal stories and map the different emotions they felt.

Using the RealTime board as a documentation tool, it was a good place to look back and build.

Airbnb Host Resume Example

As you can imagine, we all have our good and bad sides. It’s usually good when we’re at work, not so good when we’re not.

Living On Airbnb

From a magical and immersive day at Disneyland, to a tour and interview at an Apple store, to a traumatic identity theft. It was truly heartwarming to hear the “wow” and empathy with every story shared.

Since the group had already listened to the podcast, we took a quick look at Airbnb’s framework and moved on to the group idea.

We’ve rounded up some of those special stories and used the tables to highlight each star, from left to right, from worst to best.

The group went through each chair to discuss the intersections of each star. We’ve gone from the worst 1-star ‘fake and manipulation’ to the latest 10-star ‘Red Carpet’.

Predicting Airbnb Prices With Machine Learning And Location Data

Although Airbnb is designed for 11 stars, each business adapts to its own circumstances. If 10 stars is a broad enough spectrum, then 10 stars!

It was easy to spot the worst-case scenarios – false expectations are raised, or candidates show up for interviews and no office.

The expected experience is when the candidate is listed on the right

Airbnb Host Resume Example

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