A/b Testing Resume

A/b Testing Resume – My thoughts on job hunting during the 2020 pandemic and economic crisis, and planning to think of it as a UX project (Week 4).

I recently wrote about the need to change the way I make and submit job applications. My previous process didn’t work. I have not received any response from the recruiter and I received an automatic rejection within 2 days of applying. This is a red flag for me because I know if anyone actually looks at my resume and application, I’ll be rejected in 2+ days. Here are some of the changes I’ve made – hopefully it will inspire you to reconsider your application process if you’re still getting a lot of automated bot rejections:

A/b Testing Resume

A/b Testing Resume

The first thing I wanted to do was create a spreadsheet to keep track of my apps and cold messages so I could go back and cultivate the connections I made and gather data on how my apps/messages worked. I separate apps from cold messages and further categorize apps by recommendation and online apps (i.e. black holes of cold apps). cool.

Tubebuddy Software Tester Resume Example

I’ve added dates and reminders to each entry so I can go back and poke people or see if there’s another way to get in touch if the app gets sent to the black hole.

I’m still testing two cold messages that I’ll send to the lead designer/hiring manager and recruiter. Both messages are personalized to some extent, but there is a baseline introduction and my intent for the connection request is similar in both messages. E.g:

“Hi […], I’m Sarina, a product designer in San Francisco. I’m looking to network within the design community and would love to connect with you.”

Now, you might think this is too general for a cold message, and you’d be right. However, this is a cold message for the connection request. It makes it easier for the recipient to know who you are and click “accept” (not to mention that it shows effort, just remember the word count). The reason I’m trying to make “connections” instead of cold messages is that I’m a broke student, and if you message someone directly (if they’re not a connection), LinkedIn costs very expensive mail credits. If you connect first, you’ll be able to message them for free once they accept your request. That’s when you use a personalized cold message about a specific role in their company, or if you’re looking for feedback, whatever that is.

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Cv Vs Resume

Another thing I’ve been taking advantage of is that AngelList shows you who your app’s recipients are. I then use this information to send a connection request on LinkedIn to let them know I’m interested in the position and find something relevant or cool about a company I really admire. Once they accept the contact request, I will follow up with a “thank you” a day or two later to accept the request and express a desire to work at the company (please add your CV and portfolio to your love of boba tea message!).

I have 3 resumes. Yes, that is correct. One resume has elevator spacing, one is a pixel-perfect typography masterpiece, and the other is a word doc. If you’re using Figma like me, your PDF exports are treated as images, and resume crawlers have proven challenging to parse copy (if you’re designing your resume in Figma, XD, Sketch, etc., just make sure the copy doesn’t export as one large image). In my case, this resume happened to be a typography masterpiece, so I kept it on LinkedIn and my website for designers to use, knowing that real human eyeballs would pay attention to it.

If I send my resume to a Design Manager, VP of Design, PM or CEO, I’ll add a personalized elevator pitch. When I add elevator spacing, the extra text visually overwhelms the page and causes a visual imbalance (not cute). That’s why I’m sending it to someone I think cares less about visuals and more about content. I’m not convinced yet that this elevator pitch really makes a difference, so that’s why it’s part of this test.

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A/b Testing Resume

The term doc is strictly used for black hole applications (LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc.). It has shown the most success in being parsed by web crawlers and makes it easier to add my links and cover letters. It’s not perfectly designed (not that I haven’t tried it), but the main purpose of this resume style is to allow those stupid recruiting tools to pick out the keywords that make me a good fit for the position.

Senior Product Manager Resume Example

I’ve given up on recruiters for now. I’ll be ignored unless I can give them zero reasons not to ignore me. The recruiter’s livelihood is likely candidates for the position. If you think you have a good chance of getting a recruiter’s attention, make sure you’re addressing a business need and how you’ll be valuable to the team with concrete examples. Add a link to your project directly in the message, show job examples related to the role you’re applying for, and research the company before sending your message. Make it very clear to them that you know what you’re talking about and how you’re going to be a great asset. Even so, it’s hard to get their attention without a year of good experience. Again, for the love of boba tea, please add your resume, portfolio and link to this message to showcase your success and value!

“You only have one shot, don’t miss your chance to strike. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” – Marshall Bruce Mathers III Collection

So once you’ve set up your spreadsheet, resume, and sent messages and apps, it’s time to see what works best. You’ll notice more feedback over the week on which messages get better responses (in my experience), and you can test your various cover letters and resumes in the same way. The app has been very responsive since I started, but I’ll give it about 2 more weeks to see if any significant data is collected.

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I’m not sure what happens with blackhole applications, but I hope the automatic rejections from the crawler will decrease. Applying for black hole online is always a last resort, but I have to do what I have to do!

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Good question! I’d really like to see if there are any tips or tricks I can share with my job seekers. I’m a problem solver and this is the biggest problem I’m currently inspired to consider as a UX project. I’m obsessed with A/B testing and love seeing data put to good use. Overall, if I can inspire you to try a different approach to your problem, then I consider it a success. cheers!

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